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Prepare For Millions of EVICTIONS as Ban Now Overturned! 1970’s Inflation Coming?

source — THE $GPS DAILY VIDEO TO YOU DIRECTLY: TheMoneyGPS.com Will millions really be evicted from their homes? Or will it go back and forth here? The real issue here is that we have massive levels of inflation on real goods that people can’t deal with right now on top of everything else. Already the…

THIS is How Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Determines A Stock Market Bubble

source — THE $GPS DAILY VIDEO TO YOU DIRECTLY: TheMoneyGPS.com During highly euphoric markets we must be extra diligent about where our money is being kept, where it is invested, and where it can be dispersed. Interestingly, with this being called The Everything Bubble, it becomes a very difficult task. There are certainly some assets…

THESE Are Warren Buffett’s 5 Biggest Stocks! Watch As He Calls For Heavy Inflation!

source / The Money GPS Warren Buffett attracts more attention than any other investor on the planet, there’s no doubt. His purchases can completely swing a particular stock. During the Financial Crisis, companies came to Buffett directly to ask for a bailout. That’s how much of a big deal this guy is. Berkshire Hathaway has…

Price of EVERYTHING Up But What’s the REAL Reason? Commodities Supercycle or Price Gouge?

source / The Money GPS Prices are soaring higher every single day it seems. We can blame the central banks. We can talk about the restrictions and lockdowns having an impact on the supply chain. We can also discuss the logistical problems over the last year or so. But what if part of the problem…

SHOCKING: 33% of All Income Provided by Government! American Middle Class Will Disappear

source / The Money GPS Household income surged. The mainstream media celebrates. The economy is roaring back to life. Everything is fantastic. Or is it? Digging deeper we can clearly see that the government is now responsible for more than 33% of all income! This is [at] an absurd level that some suggest [is] only…

Powell Says Markets “Frothy” as Goldman Calls For Biggest Jump in Oil Demand EVER!

source / The Money GPS Jerome Powell, your friend and mine, has reassured the markets that the punch bowl will not be removed any time soon. The markets constantly need to be pacified to keep this excessive over exaggerated trend continuing. Otherwise, money would find its way into less risky bets. But with record low…

THIS Real Estate Tax Loophole Could Be Stopped and Pop the Real Estate Bubble

source / The Money GPS The stock and real estate markets are surging higher and higher. With ultra low interest rates, many are borrowing the maximum possible amount they can get to take advantage. After so many years of rock bottom rates, it’s hard to blame them. The challenge here is that whenever there is…

Russia Ditches U.S. Dollar, Uses Euro Instead! Slowly Losing Reserve Currency Status

source / The Money GPS While this is not a one-time event, there is a clear and obvious trend. Countries are trying to do away with the U.S. dollar for one reason or another. This is not something that will happen overnight. This is not likely to be a complete 180 degree flip. It’s a…

Global Food Prices SOAR to 7 Year High as Shortages Add Additional Strain on...

source / The Money GPS We are seeing higher prices in food and that has a major impact on those with fixed incomes, those who struggle to stay afloat, and of course those with mounting debt. The world is seeing massive multi layered problems and the central banks have offered their solution: More free money…

Is This 1999 + 2008? Or Did the Fed Just Signal A Never Ending...

source / The Money GPS In order to achieve a big reward, that usually comes with high risk. With central banks giving the green light on risk, many have simply eliminated their fear of potential downturns. And why? Because any slight dip in the markets, the plunge protection team has come to the rescue. But…

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