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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Morgan Stanley: Where Do We Stand On The Key Market Debates And Views

By Vishwanath Tirupattur, Morgan Stanley global head of Quantitative ResearchIt has been quite a week. Yields on benchmark 10-year US Treasury rates plunged to levels not seen since early February, equity markets sold off aggressively, just a week after the S&P 500 hit a record high, volatility spiked, and it was just Monday! The popular…

Morgan Stanley: This Cycle Will Be “Hotter But Shorter” Than Usual

By Andrew Sheets, Chief Cross-Asset Strategist for Morgan StanleyWe think that this economic cycle will be normal, strong and short. Each of these assumptions is being hotly debated by the market. Each is key to our investment strategy.The debate over cycle 'normalcy' is self-explanatory. The pandemic created, without exaggeration, the single sharpest decline in output…

Morgan Stanley: Today We Are Facing Another Growth Scare, And It Too Will Fade

By Chetan Ahya, Morgan Stanley's Chief Economist and Global Head of EconomicsNearly a year ago, we wrote in the Sunday Start about the first growth scare of the new cycle (see Three Reasons Why the Recovery Is on Track, July 26, 2020). Then, a rise in COVID-19 cases sparked fears of renewed lockdowns, and the delay in passing…

JP Morgan Warns US Employees It May Require Them To Get Vaccinated

Morgan Stanley surprised many on Wall Street - including its employees, clients and rivals - when the FT reported earlier this week that the company planned to require all employees and clients to be fully vaccinated before they can enter any of the firm's New York offices.Despite the controversy that surrounded the decision, it looks…

Morgan Stanley: “We Are Getting A Lot Of Client Pushback On Our Call For...

By Michael Wilson, chief equity strategist of Morgan StanleyOver the past few weeks, we’ve been spending a lot of time with investors discussing and debating our mid-year outlook. Here are the highlights:First, investors are definitely more receptive to the mid-cycle transition narrative that we introduced a few months ago. There’s an acknowledgement that something has…

Morgan Stanley: This Is The Biggest Threat To The Red-Hot Global Recovery

By Chetan Ahya, Morgan Stanley's Chief Economist and Global Head of EconomicsA year ago, when the global economy was in the depths of the Great Covid-19 Recession, we argued for a V-shaped recovery and the return of inflation. 12 months on, deep scepticism has given way to broad agreement.The debate now is whether the strong…

Morgan Stanley: “The Market Gets It” That Trading Is About To Get Much More...

One week after Michael Wilson presciently warned that the recent breakdown of small caps was "a warning sign that the reopening would be more difficult" than anticipated by the market...... while also cautioning that "the underperformance in IPOs and SPACs is a signal that the excessive liquidity provided by the Fed is finally being overwhelmed…

Morgan Stanley CIO Says Market Showing Signs Of “Fragility”

There has been a clear shift in market mood and sentiment ever since the covid pandemic: whereas previously Fed intervention was always spoken of glowingly, especially by members of the establishment and career finance professionals, this has changed and for the best example of that look no further than Lisa Shalett, Morgan Stanley’s chief investment…

Morgan Stanley Identifies The Source Of Massive Treasury Selling

In recent weeks we have been pointing out the stark divergence between markets in various geographic time zones, most notably the variance in equity "moods" between the Europe and US, where it often appears that there are two regimes: one ending when Europe closes and another starting, with both usually mirror images.But while we mostly…

Morgan Stanley Becomes First Major US Bank To Offer Crypto Funds

Morgan Stanley is about to become the first major US bank to offer its wealth-management client access to cryptocurrency funds.In a major coup for former hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz, a veteran crypto bull who held on during the long bear market that started after the late-2017 peak, MS is reportedly offering some clients access…
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