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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Morgan Stanley Publishes Full Timeline Of Upcoming Coronavirus Milestones; Sees Second Coronavirus Peak In...

Now that it has become clear that every day that the US economic shutdown continues as a result of the coronavirus pandemic means billions in economic losses and untold damages to the social fabric of the United States where over 20 million people will soon be unemployed, what all analysts - and frankly everyone else…

Morgan Stanley Was One Of The Biggest Margin-Loan Providers To Luckin Coffee’s Founder

Among the banks who made margin loans to Luckin Coffee's founder, one stands out in particular: Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley was part of a consortium of banks that extended loans to Lu Zhengyao across three different funding rounds. Morgan Stanley is said to have put up about $100 million of a total of over $340…

Morgan Stanley Joins Goldman, JPM In Predicting A Depressionary Crash; Expects Q2 GDP To...

First it was Goldman cutting its Q2 GDP to -5% just one week ago; then JPM quickly upstaged Goldman by slashing its own Q2 GDP forecast to -14%. Then Goldman, which just last December said the US economy is "nearly recession-proof" decided to really show JPM who is boss and nearly doubled this dismal prediction,…

Morgan Stanley Can’t Believe What’s Going On: “All Aboard The Crazy Train”

Submitted by Chris Metli, executive director in Quantitative Derivative Strategies at Morgan Stanley All Aboard!  Fed ‘liquidity’ has powered the S&P 500 to a 16% gain since they announced Permanent Open Market Operations in October 2019, while the NDX is up a cool 26% (total returns).  The rally makes sense in the context of a…

Morgan Stanley Calls It: Friday Marked The High For Stocks, Now Comes The Selling

It's a Monday, which means Morgan Stanley's bearish equity strategist, Micheal Wilson, is out with a fresh dose of optimism-crushing ruminations on last week's key catalyst that sent stocks soaring. That, of course, was the "Phase 1" trade deal with China that was announced by the Trump administration (if not China), and on which Wilson…

J.P.Morgan Warns About The “State” Of The American Consumer

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, J.P. Morgan has taken to issuing warnings over the mental state and overall health of the American consumer’s habits. As a nation, we are deeply indebted to consumerism and that’s what is currently keeping the fragile economy afloat. With the manufacturing industry already officially in a recession, the Institute of…

Morgan Stanley Predicts Q3 Deliveries Miss For Tesla, Capitulates On Company’s Autonomous Timeline

Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas released a new note on Tesla Wednesday morning, with an "equal weight" rating on the company and a "cautious" outlook on the indsutry. But the devil was in the details: Jonas believes the company is going to miss Q3 delivery estimates, margins will fall short of expectations and that the demand…

JP Morgan Blames Bear Stearns For ‘Criminal Enterprise’ At Precious Metals Trading Desk

Now that prosecutors have blamed what they have described as a criminal organization operating inside JP Morgan, it appears the largest bank in the US by assets is resorting to an old strategy for sloughing off accusations of corporate fraud: Blaming it all on an acquisition. According to Bloomberg, two traders who joined JPM's precious…

Morgan Stanley Unleashes Doom: “Both The Fed, And The Trade War Puts Have Now...

At the end of June we reported a startling finding by Goldman Sachs: while the S&P 500 rose 7% from its trough on June 3 through the end of the month, valuation expansion accounted for 90% of the rally in response to the Fed's becoming "impatient" and signaling an easing cycle has begun. What about…
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