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Thursday, October 28, 2021

US foreign policy on Syria dictated by unverified viral videos

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator On August 21, 2013 a video was uploaded in Syria by opposition activists.  The video was not verified, but was shown almost continuously around the world on every media imaginable. To understand the August 2013 video, and alleged chemical attack in Ghouta near Damascus, one must first understand that a long…

Lebanon faces living without food, water, electricity, medicine and gasoline

Lebanon faces living without food, water, electricity, medicine and gasoline Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Gasoline had been subsidized by the Lebanese government, but now it will fluctuate depending on the import cost on a free market price. The government had supported merchants importing gasoline previously, as well as flour, medicine, and several basic…

Russia ready to face turkey in Idlib conflict

https://www.mideastdiscourse.com/2021/07/16/russia-ready-to-face-turkey-in-idlib-conflict/ Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Idlib sits ready for battle. The last terrorist controlled area is waiting for imminent military action.  The small agricultural province, full of olive trees and terrorists, sits poised to spring into action. The former Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is heavily armed, and has depended on…

Metropolitan Hilarion goes full woke on COVID vaccine [Video]

The rhetoric about COVID-19 vaccine reached its highest level of fervor yet on Monday, July 5th, when the Chairman for the Department of External Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church publicly stated this: Those who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 are committing a sin they will have to repent for the rest of their…

Valaam superior orders monks to be vaccinated – or be kicked out penniless [Video]

OrthoChristian.com, the English-language side of the site Pravoslavie.ru, reported that Igumen Pankraty, the Abbot of the great Valaam Monastery, ordered his monks to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or be kicked out of the monastery with zero means of support. The translation in English reads as follows: All brothers prepare for a full vaccination. The first…

Russia Upholds Ex-Marine’s 9-Year Prison Sentence, US Is ‘Deeply Troubled’

A court in Moscow upheld U.S. ex-Marine Trevor Reed’s nine-year prison sentence Monday, according to CBS News. Reed is one of two Americans that U.S. authorities reportedly say are being held hostage in Russia. The 29-year-old Texan was captured after a drunken birthday party in 2019, according to CBS News. Reed was taken to sober…

Moscow COVID Delta response may shock government officials [Video]

WARNING: What you are about to read is rampant speculation based on observation. It may well be wrong, but then again… The “Delta” or “Indian” strain of COVID-19 surged in its spread in Russia over the last two weeks, forcing Moscow citywide daily counts of new cases of the illness to the highest recorded since…

Dr Fauci cashes in with $5 million as tell all book gets CANCELED [Video]

It just keeps getting better and better, how the wheels of justice turn. Yes, all objectivity is (for now) thrown to the wind, and I am gloating. Let the record show this. Dr Fauci’s upcoming book release appears to be canceled, and by the same sort of people that practiced “cancel culture” memory-holing over the…

Americans in Russia asked to leave the country by June 15th [Video]

The relations between the United States and the Russian Federation just slipped another notch, and for the first time, Americans living in Russia may have to deal with some hard issues. According to RIA Novosti and the US Embassy’s own website, the US Embassy in Russia announced a staff cut of 75 percent: Reduction of…

US-NATO provocation in Ukraine to stop Russian pipeline

Steven Sahiounie, Journalist and political commentator US Europe Command has raised its posture to the highest level, “potential imminent threat”, as USAF surveillance flights have tracked Russia’s border over the past 48 hours. The current flare of tensions sparked on March 26, when four Ukrainian military servicemen were killed by a landmine while inspecting minefields near the village…

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