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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Big Pharma’s ‘Narrative’ Is Failing

Authored by Bretigne Shaffer via LewRockwell.com, So now we don’t have to listen to what those doctors said in front of the US Supreme Court, because it turns out that one of them has some whacky beliefs about sex with demons causing reproductive disorders. What a relief. I’m not going to pretend that the things Dr. Stella Immanuel has…

Russiagate is a 100-percent fake story, Part I – Some Thinking Required

On July 23rd, 2020, the Schiller Institute, an international human rights organization, and Executive Intelligence Review, a magazine founded by Lyndon LaRouche in 1974, held a news conference featuring former NSA analyst William (“Bill”) Binney. The conference started with this proposition: If it were shown, using competent forensic evidence, that there is no actual proof of…

Why does the MSM tell Americans to fear and hate Russia? Christianity. [Video]

When a previous piece, entitled “Surprise, surprise (no surprise) – Analyst says Russians did NOT hack DNC server” was published, we got a very interesting reaction. One of the readers, speaking through a social network had this comment (edited): “Maybe, but they did meet with Trump’s people and he loves Putin.This from the Lincoln Project…”…

Narrative Control Operations Escalate As America Burns

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via Medium.com, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, and mainstream media are falling all over themselves with censorship and spin jobs to get the narrative back under control as mass protests continue to sweep across America. In 2017, representatives of Facebook, Twitter, and Google were instructed in a US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that it is…

White Supremacy is more deadly than COVID-19. Who knew? [Video]

Yes, we wrote about this before, in a recent piece entitled “Coronavirus not dangerous – if you are leftist protesting racism.” Most folks appear to be unaware of this piece, and that is fine. Sometimes a snappy headline draws more clicks. But, the funny thing is that this statement was supposed to be snark, illustrating…

“The Narrative Has Failed” – Ron Paul On The Incredible Disappearing Coronavirus

Via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Suddenly there is no talk about coronavirus. Reputable doctors in Italy, the UK, and elsewhere are claiming the virus hardly exists any longer. Just over a week ago much of America faced jail if they dared break the "social distancing" rules put in place by tyrannical…

One tale of an American coronavirus patient

For your consideration, we are starting to get personal accounts from people who are experiencing the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. While there is certainly cause to be skeptical, considering all the rhetorical hyperbole versus the real effect of the outbreak on world markets and events, pieces like what follows do seem to give…

Narrative Managers In Overdrive After Death Of White Helmets Founder

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via Medium.com, James Le Mesurier, the founder of the White Helmets, has died. He was found to have plummeted from a height to the street outside his home, and authorities are reportedly calling it a suicide. Le Mesurier has a history with British military intelligence and was fundamentally involved with an extremely shady narrative management operation geared…

Has The Narrative Been All Priced In?

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, The Bullish Narrative This past week was built for the “bulls” as just about every item on their “wish list.” was fulfilled. From a “trade deal” to more “QE,” what more could you want? Trade Deal Near? Concerning the ongoing “trade war,” our prediction that Trump would begin to back peddle on negotiations to get a “deal…

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