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Wisconsin Legislature Passes Bill Requiring National Anthem to be Played at Sporting Events

The Wisconsin State Assembly passed a bill Tuesday that would require tax-supported venues to play the national anthem in the opening ceremony of sporting events. “I strongly believe we need to play it, particularly where we’re at now in our country,” bill sponsor Rep. Tony Kurtz said, according to WISN Channel 12. Kurtz hastened to…

Several NCAA Players Take A Knee During National Anthem At March Madness

Several NCAA basketball players took a knee Friday during the national anthem for the start of March Madness in Indianapolis. Before the start of the men’s basketball tournament several players for Ohio State and Colgate were photographed taking a knee during the playing of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” Fox News reported. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In…

Jemele Hill: The Mavericks Were Right, the Anthem No Longer Belongs in American Sports

Atlantic writer Jemele Hill is sticking up for Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban for canceling the playing of the national anthem and saying that we should no longer play the song at sporting events. The former ESPN host blasted the national anthem in her first sentence in her Feb. 14 article, entitled, The Problem With…

Jen Psaki: National Anthem Protests Highlight Failures of the United States

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that President Joe Biden supported protests of the national anthem at sporting events. “[P]art of the pride in our country means recognizing moments where we as a country haven’t lived up to our highest ideals,” she said, characterizing Biden’s position. Psaki spoke about the national anthem protests…

Calling All Patriots: Do You Think The NFL’s Drop In Ratings Will Influence Their...

Daily Caller Productions Contributor September 23, 2020 1:11 AM ET

Calling All Patriots: Will You Boycott The NFL This Season?

Daily Caller Productions Contributor September 08, 2020 10:40 PM ET

The Chicks Perform The National Anthem At Democratic National Convention

August 20, 2020 11:04 PM ET The Chicks, formerly known as the Dixie Chicks, performed the national anthem Thursday during the final night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. The Chicks sang an a cappella version of The Star-Spangled Banner in front of a blue-green background, each singer with a separated camera angle shot, for…

Major League Soccer Teams BOOED For Anthem Kneeling!

Two Major League Soccer teams were booed for kneeling during the National Anthem in their first game back after the virus interruption. SC Nashville and FC Dallas played this game in Frisco, Texas in front of a reduced and socially-distanced crowd of about 3,000 people…(CONTINUE READING / SOURCES:  https://bit.ly/33VSkax) Help us grow. Support The Duran…

Meyers Leonard Defends Standing For The National Anthem, Cites His Brother’s Military Service

August 02, 2020 4:28 PM ET Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard has no regrets about standing for the national anthem before a Saturday game. Leonard stood alone before the Heat played the Denver Nuggets, and he’s been blowing up all over social media ever since. Now, he’s defended his choice, and said his brother’s military…

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