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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Oklahoma National Guard Faces Off with Pentagon Over Vaccine Mandate

The Oklahoma National Guard is facing off against the Biden Pentagon over its vaccine mandate for service members. The Oklahoma Adjutant General, Brig. Gen. Tommy Mancino, issued a memo last week at the request of Gov. Kevin Stitt that said the state would take “no negative administrative or legal action” against Guard members who decline…

Wisconsin Governor Mobilizes National Guard In Kenosha Ahead Of Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has prepared to mobilize the Wisconsin National Guard in response to potential violence ahead of Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict.The governor’s office and the state’s National Guard said Thursday that they are ready to send troops to Kenosha after the jury decides on a verdict for Rittenhouse, News 3 Now/Channel 3000 reported. Officials…

Los Angeles Officials Say They Would Call On National Guard If Violence Related To...

Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles said they are prepared to call the National Guard if violence erupts following the police shooting in Minneapolis and the prospective verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office is coordinating with law enforcement partners, including the National…

Dem Rep. Moulton: We’ll Have ‘Continued Presence’ of Nat’l Guard at Capitol ‘Until We...

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Weekends with Alex Witt,” House Armed Services Committee member Seth Moulton (D-MA) stated that “until we can reform the Capitol Police and deliver the kind of protection that the Capitol needs against these ongoing threats, then we’re going to have to have continued presence of National Guard and even razor…

Members of Pelosi’s January 6 Task Force Expressed Anti-Trump, Pro-BLM Views

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s task force to review and make immediate recommendations to bolster the Capitol building’s security after the January 6 breach included two retired generals who expressed anti-Trump or pro-Black Lives Matters views, which may bolster Republican claims that the task force was not bipartisan enough. One of the retired generals on the…

Report: Defense Secretary ‘Overrode’ National Guard Chief’s Recommendation Not to Extend Occupation of D.C.

National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson reportedly opposed keeping National Guard troops at the Capitol for another two months but was overridden by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, according to a Thursday report by Fox News’s Gillian Turner. “The official internal memo that we’ve obtained reveals that the National Guard’s top general disagrees with…

McConnell Says Heightened Capitol Security Reminds Him Of Kabul

The top Senate Republican called the increased security of the Capitol building unnecessary during a press conference Wednesday. Republican Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell said he is “extremely uncomfortable” with the heightened security, according to Reuters. McConnell added that Congress doesn’t face any ongoing serious threats. “With all this razor wire around the complex, it reminds…

Backlash After Washington Post’s ‘March 4 Threat from Militant Trump Supporters’ Story a ‘Mirage’

After warning to brace for violence at the Capitol by “QAnon crackpots” who believed former President Trump would return to power on March 4 (the country’s original Inauguration Day), with a militant group possibly plotting to breach the Capitol again, the Washington Post followed up by declaring the supposed threats a mere “mirage.” At the…

Why is National Guard slated to stay in DC through Fall 2021?

Why is National Guard slated to stay in DC through Fall 2021? ****News Topic 296***** Report: National Guard To Stay In DC ‘Through Fall 2021’ Report: National Guard To Stay In DC ‘Through Fall 2021’ Joe Biden refused to denounce China’s Uyghur genocide during his CNN appearance last night, asserting that the Communist country’s systematic…

Pentagon Spox: Plan Is to Have National Guard in Capital Region until Mid-March, There...

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby stated that the plan is to have National Guard troops in the capital region until the middle of March and stated that there were internal discussions about the contingency of keeping the Guard in the area until the Fall. Kirby…
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