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Nigerian Journalist Arrested After Reporting on Attacks Against Christians

A Nigerian Christian journalist has been imprisoned following his reporting of attacks on Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt and his criticism of the government’s response, the Barnabas Fund reported Monday. Officials of Kaduna State arrested Epoch Times journalist Luka Binniyat November 4 and charged him with transmitting electronic information known “to be false” under the…

Report: Navy Pay Delays Causing Some Sailors to Rely on Loans

Navy sailors who recently earned increases in housing allowances due to marriage or relocating to a more expensive area are noticing months-long delays in their pay raise, according to Military.com. The situation has caused some to take out loans to try and make ends meet, the outlet reported Friday. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Vice President…

China Threatens Australia with an ‘Iron Fist’ over Taiwan

China’s state-run Global Times published an op-ed by its editor-in-chief, Hu Xijin, on Thursday in which Hu argues that China “should be prepared with an iron fist” to use against Australia if the nation follows through with a recent promise to support the U.S. in a theoretical war with China over Taiwan. “Over the past…

It’s Official: Qaddafi’s Son and Rogue Warlord Contest Libyan Presidential Election

Libyan Gen. Khalifa Haftar announced on Tuesday that he is officially a candidate for the presidency of the government he tried to overthrow by force less than two years ago. Haftar became the second candidate to declare for the race after Seif al-Islam Qaddafi, son of slain dictator Muammar Qaddafi, threw his hat (or rather,…

So Many People Want to Leave Afghanistan That the Kabul Passport System Broke

The Taliban-run passport office in Kabul shut down on Tuesday, ostensibly because its biometric equipment and computer systems could not handle the enormous demand for travel documents. Director Alam Gul Haqqani estimated 15,000 to 20,000 people were camped outside the passport office, a crowd at least five times as big as the office could handle.…

China: Official Who Beat Corgi to Death Has Been ‘Criticized and Educated’

Two municipal health workers in southeast China’s Shangrao city recently filmed beating a woman’s pet corgi to death with a crowbar while she was away from her home undergoing a mandatory coronavirus quarantine have been “criticized and educated” by local authorities, China’s state-run Global Times reported Sunday. “The official notice released after the case said…

Philippines: Duterte to Run for Senate After Daughter Announces VP Bid

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday filed his candidacy for a Philippine Senate seat in a May 2022 general election, two days after his daughter, Sara Duterte, filed her candidacy for the Philippines’ vice presidency in the same election. The Philippines’ constitution bars presidents of the country from serving more than a single, six-year term,…

China Publishes Anti-U.S. Propaganda for Veterans Day

Chinese state media chose Veterans Day to drop some anti-American propaganda, including posts by the People’s Daily celebrating Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro for outlasting American efforts to dislodge him and hyping the Vietnam-era Gulf of Tonkin incident as a “clear-cut example of U.S. escalation and warmongering toward other countries.” The People’s Daily celebrated Castro…

South Africa Joins Growing List of Countries Ignoring U.N. Climate Demands

South Africa on Monday declined to sign a commitment to end financing for coal production within 30 years, joining a growing list of countries that are refusing some of the United Nations’ most burdensome climate change demands – a list headed by the world’s worst polluter and largest burner of coal, China. The pledge advanced…

Biden Envoy: U.S. Wants Taliban to ‘Succeed’ Against the Islamic State

U.S. Special Representative to Afghanistan Thomas West on Monday hoped the Taliban would be “successful” in its battle against the Islamic State, and hinted the new rulers of Afghanistan needed to sever their ties with al-Qaeda if they desire international recognition. “The Taliban have voiced very clearly and openly their desire to normalize relations with…

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