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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Republican Convention a smashing success as DNC wimpfest exposed [Video]

Sometimes it takes tragedy to reveal triumph. Sometimes it takes a terrible storm to create gratitude for boring weather. And sometimes it takes a really normal, positive message to reveal just how pathetic a given negative message can be. This is what appears to be happening with the Republican (Trump) convention this year. By using…

Chinese National Arrested Illegally Entering The US With Over $28,000 Worth Of Gold Bars

If one goes by the official Chinese data, whereas in the summer of 2015 there was a massive capital outflow in the aftermath of the sudden yuan devaluation, recent months have been a paragon of stability despite the yuan trading on the wrong side of 7 for much of the past five months, and according…

National Coin Shortage Shines Light On Worthless Penny

Authored by Bruce Wilds via Advancing Time blog, A shortage of coins is appearing across America due to the covid‐19 pandemic significantly disrupting the supply chain and normal circulation patterns for U.S. coins. The U.S. Mint halted production due to covid-19 which has caused Fed Chair Powell to admit to lawmakers the Fed will be…

Is Unarmed National Guard Emboldening Seattle Mob?

Submitted by Susan Crabtree, of Real Clear Politics The riots and protests that have roiled cites across the country over the last two weeks are dying down in the East Coast, but  still raging on in Seattle, a bastion of far-left activism. The ongoing chaos in Seattle is fueling new questions about whether decisions to…

2 National Guardsmen Struck By Lightning During Washington DC Protest

In a freak occurrence during Wednesday night's protests, two National Guardsmen were badly injured after being struck by lightning near the White House, officials said early Friday. The two service members were struck shortly after midnight within the Lafayette Park perimeter, where protests over the death of George Floyd continued for a seventh day (note: it was…

Obama’s National Security Advisor Admits Trump “Absolutely Correct” To Kill Soleimani

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, As Democrats continue to repeat Iranian talking points and criticize President Trump for taking out the terrorist General Soleimani, former President Obama’s National Security advisor weighed in with a surprising remark. Gen. James Jones told those gathered at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum in Abu Dhabi that “What the…

Swiss National Bank Now Owns Record $94 Billion In US Stocks After Q3 Buying...

In the third quarter of 2019, one in which the global economy continued to cycle lower, global central banks across the world continued to slash interest rates and launched/expanded quantitative easing programs with very little success at troughing global growth. Still, US equity indices powered to new highs, climbing a wall of worry of President Trump's…
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