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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Bill Maher Begs Trump To Take $1 Million Bribe To Resign From Office

Late night comedian Bill Maher wrapped up his HBO show “Real Time” on Friday by pleading with President Trump to take $1 million cash bribe and resign from office. Maher first claimed that Trump won’t leave office should he lose the 2020 election, saying, “I will bet you a million dollars right now that if…

Migrants Block Bridges Between US, Mexico

Hundreds of migrants blocked traffic on multiple bridges connecting the U.S. and Mexico, demanding expedited asylum hearings, according to reports. Between two and three hundred migrants staged protests at the Gateway and B&M International Bridges on Thursday, causing major traffic delays and shutdowns of both passages, which link Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros, Mexico. Authorities were…

Watch: Bill Maher Bashes Joe & Hunter Biden For Shady Ukraine Dealings

Liberal HBO host Bill Maher tore into 2020 Democrat candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter over their questionable dealings in Ukraine, primarily Hunter getting a seat on the board of an energy company paying over $50,000 a month. “The more I read about this…no, I don’t think he was doing something terrible in Ukraine,”…

Bill Maher Warns Democrats Against Another Brett Kavanaugh Smear Campaign

Liberal HBO host Bill Maher criticized Democrats for reviving their unsubstantiated smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and calling for his impeachment. During his show “Real Time” on Friday, Maher warned of the “Kavanaugh effect,” the phenomenon that potentially cost Democrat senators in swing states their seats during the 2018 midterm elections. “In…

INFIGHT: Bill Maher Shuts Down Michael Moore Pushing Far-Left Policies For 2020

Liberal HBO host Bill Maher sparred with filmmaker Michael Moore on Friday over the far-left direction the Democrats are taking their policy platform ahead of the 2020 election. During Maher’s show “Real Time,” Moore argued in favor of far-left policies like Medicare For All and the Green New Deal, while Maher cautioned that those radical…

Pete Buttigieg Tacitly Endorses Post-Birth Abortion, Says Life Begins ‘At First Breath’

2020 Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg appeared to support post-birth abortion by saying that a baby is only considered alive after it’s taken its “first breath.” During an appearance on “The Breakfast Club” radio show on Friday, the South Bend mayor claimed that life doesn’t begin until a baby has drawn its first breath, suggesting that…

Watch Live: Antifa Vows To Attack ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ Rally in Portland

Patriots are holding an “End Domestic Terrorism” rally at 11am in Portland, Oregon on Saturday to protest Antifa, who vowed to bring violence to the event despite a heavy police presence in the area. Portland’s mayor Ted Wheeler admitted that “violence is almost guaranteed” when Antifa shows up, and warned the event organizers, “We don’t…

MSNBC’s Vance: To Remove Trump, ‘Remedy Is The 25th Amendment’

Now that the Russia collusion narrative and racist narrative are failing to stick, MSNBC is circling back to the nonsense claim that Trump is mentally unsound. On MSNBC’s “Deadline” on Friday, host Nicole Wallace suggested that “crazy” Trump has Alzheimer’s disease, citing a slew of total fake news reporting claiming Trump is losing his mind.…

Bannon Slams Castro Doxxing Trump Donors: ‘Radicalized’ Democratic Party Now ‘Turning on Private Citizens’

The “radicalized” Democrat Party weaponizing donations of private American citizens in an intimidation campaign is a “very dangerous” escalation that must “be stopped,” according to former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. “What you’re seeing now is elected officials, Democrats, turning on private citizens who support President Trump,” Bannon told “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria…

Flashback: Bernie Sanders Compares Baltimore To “Third World Country”

The left is calling President Trump racist again, this time over a tweet he made Saturday criticizing Rep. Elijah Cummings for letting Baltimore devolve into a “rat and rodent infested mess” under his watch. Democrats and MSM outlets like CNN claimed that when Trump means “infestation,” he’s really talking “about black and brown people.” President…

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