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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Suspect Arrested In Shooting That Nearly Gunned Down Two Children

Police arrested a man Friday morning suspected in a shooting that injured one man and nearly hit two children in the Bronx, New York, according to ABC 7. Detectives were looking for 27-year-old Michael Lopez after he allegedly fired three shots at a victim and almost hit a 10-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother on…

Two Children Nearly Gunned Down On New York City Sidewalk

The New York City Police Department released a video Friday showing a masked gunman opening fire on a man over the heads of two children trying to take cover on a Bronx sidewalk. Video of the Thursday evening incident shows an unidentified shooter running after the victim, who runs into two children and falls. The…

82-Year-Old Man Assaulted, Has Cane Stolen In New York City Corner Store

An 82-year-old man was assaulted and had his cane stolen Wednesday in a New York City corner store, according to NYPD Crime Stoppers. Police shared a video of the suspect intimidating an elderly man at a bodega at 219 East Broadway. In the video, it appears the suspect threatens to punch the elderly man and…

Andrew Yang: ‘Defund the Police Is Wrong for New York City’

“Defund the police is wrong for New York City,” Andrew Yang, who is running for mayor of New York City, said on Sunday hours after a shooting in Times Square. Yang held a press conference in Times Square : Nothing works in our city without public safety and for public safety, we need the police.…

VIDEO: Suspect Allegedly Assaults 71-Year-Old Man in NYC

A suspect allegedly assaulted a 71-year-old man in New York City, causing the victim to suffer a laceration to his face, according to a video released Saturday. The video showed the suspect punch the 71-year-old victim in the face in the Bronx on April 10 around 6:45 a.m., sending the victim flying into the street:…

NYC Teen Fatally Shot Sitting on the Stoop of His Home

A teenage boy from New York City was fatally shot while sitting on the stoop of his Bronx home, police said Sunday. Jameik Bishop was shot in the face, right shoulder, and chest as gunfire rained down outside his brick house in the Wakefield neighborhood of the Bronx around 11 p.m. Saturday, the New York…

VIDEO: Driver Out on Bail for Alleged Attempted Murder Drags NYPD Officer with Car

A New York City driver who was out on bail for allegedly committing attempted murder was caught dragging a police officer with his car Friday, according to a video. The video, released by the New York Police Department (NYPD), showed the officer conducting a routine traffic stop. When the officers determined the driver was unfit…

NYC Murder Suspect Accidentally Released over a Month Ago Caught Again

A murder suspect who was accidentally released from a New York City jail in March has been re-apprehended, police said. Christopher Buggs, 26, was being held at New York City’s notorious Rikers Island jail awaiting trial in connection with the killing of Ernest Brownlee, 55, outside a bodega in Brooklyn in 2018. Police recaptured Buggs…

Bill de Blasio Wants NYPD to Visit People to Warn over Non-Criminal ‘Hurtful’ Conduct

Spencer Platt/Getty Images New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed police visits to people accused of “hurtful” behavior in the wake of anti-Asian American crimes during a press conference on Thursday. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said the NYPD could visit those accused of racism or discrimination, “even if something is not a criminal…

Feds Offer Plea Deal to Brooklyn Lawyers Charged in NYPD Molotov Attack

Federal prosecutors filed paperwork confirming that the two attorneys who allegedly threw a “molotov cocktail” into a squad car have been offered deals to reduce their sentences. Urooj Rahman and Colinford Mattis were facing potential life sentences for seven charges; among them use of explosives, arson, and conspiracy. On May 29, the pair allegedly made an…

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