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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Florida Officials Identify Third “Presumptive” Coronavirus Case: Live Updates

Summary: 2nd case confirmed in NY 2nd NY case commuted to Manhattan, traveled to Miami Third case possibly identified in Fla. Stocks surge, then fade, after surprise 50 bp rate cut 4th person dies in France Fauci says we should know soon whether Gilead's vaccine will work Son of Westchester corona case attended NYC school…

Prison Officials Fear Harvey Weinstein May End Up Like Epstein

Prison officials in New York are worried that convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein could end up like Jeffrey Epstein during his stay at Riker's Island, according to TMZ, which reports that 'high-ranking officials at NYC's Department of Corrections' say there's 'anxiety running through the ranks about another "Epstein incident" on their watch.' For starters, we're…

Are US Intel ‘Officials’ Meddling In US Election With “Report” Russia Is Aiding Sanders?

Authored by Joe Lauria via ConsortiumNews.com, With Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders spooking the Democratic establishment, The Washington Post Friday reported damaging information from intelligence sources against Sanders by saying that Russia is trying to help his campaign. If the story is true and if intelligence agencies are truly committed to protecting U.S. citizens, the Sanders campaign would…

US Officials “Highly Confident” Iran Accidentally Shot Down Ukrainian Jet

Update: During what appears to be an informal press gaggle at the White House late Thursday morning, President Trump went off on the Iranians, claiming that the US attacked Suleimani to stop him from bombing an embassy, before adding that he has "doubts" that the Ukrainian jet crash was caused by mechanical error. He also…

US Officials Say Soleimani Was Planning Attacks On Diplomatic Targets In Syria, Lebanon

Top Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani was plotting to attack American military, diplomatic and financial targets in Syria and Lebanon, and comprised the imminent threat used to justify Soleimani's killing, according to NBC News, citing multiple US officials. "When we start seeing extensive and very solid intelligence that [Soleimani] is plotting imminent attacks against the United…

US Officials: Turkey Deliberately Releasing ISIS Prisoners, Then Blaming Kurdish Forces

Invading Turkish-backed forces are freeing Islamic State prisoners, according to Foreign Policy, also "executing Kurdish prisoners and killing unarmed civilians, videos show." On Monday a senior U.S. administration official told reporters that Turkey's Syrian Islamist ground proxies are "going to unguarded prisons and releasing ISIS detainees - then blaming Syrian Democratic Forces." And following prior reports…
admin-officials-already-trying-to-walk back-trump’s-syria-‘withdrawal’

Admin Officials Already Trying To Walk Back Trump’s Syria ‘Withdrawal’

In what's beginning to look like an exact repeat of April 2018, when Trump previously declared it was time to "bring the troops home" from Syria but severe push back from the generals and his own administration resulted in the opposite happening, a senior official has walked back some of the president's statements regarding the…

FOMC Minutes Show “Most Fed Officials” Saw Rate-Cut As “Mid-Cycle Adjustment”

Since The Federal Reserve cut interest rates (for the first time in over a decade), the world has started worrying about recession (and the 2s10s curve inverted)... Which might explain why US equity markets have floundered as bonds and bullion have been bid... And, yuugely disappointing for President Trump, the dollar is modestly higher. But…

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