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Monday, January 25, 2021

Patriarch Kirill: Without God, family, traditions, everything collapses [Video]

Russia is making the move to deeply embrace its one thousand year past, uniting today’s modern state with the Empire of the Tsars and even showing how the Soviet Union has its unique place in history which must be remembered. In a four-minute video, we see Patriarch Kirill sign his ballot for the Constitutional referendum, and…

Orthodox Christian Russia has a message for Black Lives Matter [Video]

The Second American Civil War “Blue” Side includes Black Lives Matter. One of our earlier pieces noted that BLM supports everything is against Christianity, that it is in fact, an anti Christian organization. This has aroused a very strong reaction from one of the last remaining Christian nations on Earth, Orthodox Christian Russia. The Russians have…

Part III – Dr Jean-Claude Larchet, the Orthodox Church and COVID-19

First of all, what is your general opinion on the epidemic we are currently experiencing? JCL: I am not surprised: for millennia there have been about two major epidemics per century, and several other smaller epidemics. Their frequency is, however, increasing, and the population concentration in our urban civilization, the traffic favoured by globalization, and…

Part II – Orthodox captilulation to authorities was wrong – from a laywoman

Part I of this series addressed a recent letter posted on the website of the Orthodox Church in America, calling out Father Peter Heers for reading a letter from an Athonite elder who spoke strongly against the complicity of Orthodox Christian hierarchs all over the world against the COVID-19 health restrictions placed on churchgoers and…

Orthodox priest reveals core problem with COVID-19 measures – Part I

An Orthodox Christian priest wrote an anonymous letter trying to justify how secular expediency aids sacred faith with regards to COVID-19, with the best and most reasoned approach we have yet seen. Nevertheless, his well-intentioned letter stumbles on Christ’s Gospel, because it tries to incorporate secular knowledge as beneficial when it is not. We will…

A word from an Athonite Elder about Coronavirus [Video]

This may be yet another example of how YouTube practices a type of censorship that does NOT involve removing “objectionable” material, but perhaps simply prevents any propagation of material that goes against the gospel of this world. Father Peter Heers delievers a stunning translation of a letter written in April of this year by one…

American Orthodox Christianity appears to lose faith in God – [Video]

The title of this newspiece is actually tamed from what it probably should be. It probably should be “American Orthodox Jurisdictions apostasies and reject Christ, choosing comfy and meaningless ritualism over faith in God.” Video blogger Jonathan Companik has made a few extremely compelling videos since the COVID-19 events got started that point to what…

New Russian Orthodox Cathedral set to open on Victory Day [Video]

The Russian Orthodox Church has been on the rise since the fall of Communism in 1991. The country has been opening new parishes at the rate of two to three per day. This new Cathedral of the Armed Forces, built at a military theme park outside Moscow, is one of the largest Christian edifices in…

COVID Orthodox Church closures part III – An interview from the front

When starting this series, we fully expected to find really strong arguments supporting the position taken by most Orthodox Christian Church jurisdictions – that the parish temples be closed to laity during the period of quarantine imposed on most of us in the “First World” (Europe, the Americas, China, Australia, the Far East) by the coronavirus…

COVID Church closures Part II – In light of Christian history

In part I of this series, we began to examine the present issue of Church closures in the West – Europe and the United States in particular, in response to the coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying illness, COVID-19. We tried to detach the hysteria and hype from this, and rather than make it a screed…

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