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Nearly 900 Children Under 12 Test Positive For HIV In Pakistani City: NYT

October 26, 2019 5:23 PM ET Nearly 900 children under 12 tested positive for HIV in Ratodero, Pakistan, The New York Times reported Saturday. The outbreak was traced back to one pediatrician health officials said was reusing syringes, according to The NYT. That pediatrician, Muzaffar Ghanghro, denied that he ever reused syringes on patients. “With competing…

Report: Southeast Asia a ‘Regional Hotspot’ for Growing Christian Persecution

RIZWAN TABASSUM/AFP/Getty Images Persecution of Christians in Southeast Asia, particularly in Sri Lanka and Pakistan, has grown in severity over two years, according to a report from Aid to the Church in Need published Wednesday. The report, entitled Persecuted and Forgotten?, found that Southeast Asia has now become a “regional hot spot” for Christian persecution.…

Kate Middleton, Prince William Plane Forced To Turn Back After Insane Electrical Storm Prevents...

October 17, 2019 5:28 PM ET Kate Middleton and Prince William had a scary encounter Thursday when the plane they were flying in was forced to turn around after an electrical storm prevented multiple landings in Pakistan. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on board the Voyager, a Royal Air Force jet, headed to…

‘No precedent in human experience’: Study finds nuclear war between India and Pakistan could...

Skip to content Each nuclear weapon detonated could wipe out as many as 700,000 people A nuclear war between India and Pakistan could kill up to 125 million people in just a few days – surpassing the death count of the entire Second World War – and kick off a worldwide environmental meltdown, a new…

Pakistan’s Economic Crisis

Authored by Serban V.C. Enache via Hereticus Economicus: Pakistan is going through financial woes. The Government’s external debt sits at over 100 billion dollars [up significantly since 2017], while foreign currency reserves hovered in the range of 15 billion last July. To make matters worse, the Central Bank of Pakistan has been raising the interest rate in the last…

“It Is Ours!” Indian Minister Says Islamabad About To “Lose Pakistani-occupied Kashmir”

Via Zerohedge… A top Indian official has put Islamabad on notice, saying India’s nuclear-armed neighbor “should be ready to lose Pakistani-occupied Kashmir,” in perhaps the most provocative statement yet since New Delhi’s revoking its own administered Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) historic autonomy on August 5. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani was quoted by local media as making the inflammatory statement, saying—…

Pakistani PM Khan hints at nuking India in ‘surrender-or-death’ scenario

Via RT… Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warned of “consequences” if nuclear-armed Pakistan ends up losing a conventional war to its nuclear-armed rival and neighbor India. Asked in an Al Jazeera interview to set the record straight on whether Pakistan would hit India with nuclear weapons in case of a large-scale conflict, Khan began with…

The Kashmir Dispute

Submitted by George Callaghan… The Jammu and Kashmir Conflict has rumbled on and off for 72 years. Kashmir (as the area is known for short) is argued over by Pakistan and India. The Pakistanis control an area they call Azad Kashmir (‘Free Kashmir) and maintain the fiction that this area is independent. In point of…

Pakistani Actress Visits UK: ‘It’s Like Mini Pakistan’

A Pakistani actress made an accidental political statement about the overwhelming amount of immigration to the United Kingdom from the Middle East when she visited Bradford, U.K. “It’s amazing. It’s my first trip to Bradford, and it’s like a mini Pakistan for me,” Mehwish Hayat told BBC. “And the love, the passion that everyone has,…

India Weighing Preemptive Nuclear Strike In Response to Kashmir

India’s recently declared commitment to its nuclear doctrine of ‘No First Use’ would be contingent upon the developing circumstances in its Muslim-majority Kashmir dispute with China and Pakistan. The declaration came days after Beijing, through its state-run Global Times, cautioned of a potential nuclear war over its Kashmir moves. Any steps taken by a nuclear-armed India to…

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