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Parents Allege Arizona School Disregarded Opt-Out From ‘Gruesome’ Curriculum

The parents of a seventh-grade student in an Arizona school district claimed that a teacher disregarded an “opt-out” from an assignment while speaking before a school board Thursday.“After being made aware of inappropriate racial and political content being taught in our daughter’s seventh-grade social studies class, we reached out to the teacher, then the principal,…

School Superintendent Resigns After Parents Disagree with Critical Race Theory in Curriculum

Clarkstown School District Dr. Martin Cox resigned as superintendent of Clarkstown Central School in Rockland County, New York, following parent concerns over Critical Race Theory being used in curriculum. In a statement, Cox cited “personal reasons” for his resignation, News 12 the Bronx reported Wednesday. The school board voted five to one Tuesday evening in…

Biden Tells Parents How To Parent And Says Their Kids Should Get Vaccinated

September 09, 2021 6:16 PM ET President Joe Biden told parents they should get their kids vaccinated in a lengthy speech from the White House as he introduced his new plan to fight COVID-19.“The third part of my plan, and maybe the most important, is keeping our children safe and our schools open,” the president…

‘Frankly … I Did You A Big Favor’: Parents Ordered To Pay $45,000 After...

August 27, 2021 5:37 PM ET A Michigan couple got rid of their son’s immense porn collection, so he sued them and now they must pay him tens of thousands of dollars. U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney ruled Beth and Paul Werking must pay their son, David Werking, $30,441 after he filed a lawsuit against them…

Group Of Mississippi Parents Ask Governor To Sign EO Banning Mask Mandates

August 03, 2021 5:24 PM ET Parents in Mississippi are signing a petition demanding Republican Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves to ban Oxford School District’s indoor mask mandate that went into effect Monday. Oxford School District superintendent Bradley Roberson overruled Saturday board’s 4-1 vote to make masks optional for students, prompting the parents to turn to the…

American pushback against Woke liberals on the increase [Video]

Conservatives are different than Liberals. They are not just different in ideological viewpoints but they are fundamentally psychologically different in makeup. Liberals are reactionary activists, shouters, demanding to be heard, quick to anger or outrage, and quick to act to produce radical “change” which is itself really not much change at all, but just noise…
feds warn-parents-to-“stop”-using-peloton-treadmill-after-child’s-death,-release-horrifying-video 

Feds Warn Parents To “Stop” Using Peloton Treadmill After Child’s Death, Release Horrifying Video 

Sales of the Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread (treadmill) erupted during the virus pandemic as people worked out at home. As soon as the lockdowns took effect in March 2020, the home-fitness business took off. But there appears to be a problem with one of Peloton's products. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warned…

“Who Are These Parents?” – As COVID-19 Cases Soar, America’s Teenaged ‘Covidiots’ Still Aren’t...

Looking back, the fact that most Americans went about their daily lives as if nothing was happening for most of February - heeding the official advice of mayors including NYC's Bill de Blasio and others - seems almost unconscionable. All the while, COVID-19 was spreading, unseen, among communities in suburban Seattle, and in NYC and…

Helpful Tips and Websites for Parents Schooling at Home

Parents throughout America may be struggling to find ways to encourage their children’s learning while working from home themselves during the coronavirus crisis. Many school districts are ill-equipped to conduct full online learning, but, despite the situation, parents can meet the challenge of providing educational experiences for their children of any age and may find…

NHS, hostage to the Mentally Ill

NHS psychologists are over-prescribing sex change treatment for children. They call it “treatment,” but in fact it’s not proven to treat anything. It’s just a baseless procedure. Allegedly, these psychologists fear being called transphobic if they don’t comply. In the last three years, 35 psychologists in London have been pressured to resign over this issue of…
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