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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Parler is back online. New logo, new design

Parler is back online. New logo, new design ****News Topic 288***** Parler Status Updates We are disappointed by the judge’s ruling against our request for a preliminary injunction in our suit against Amazon AWS. We remain confident that we will ultimately prevail in the main case. We also remind everyone that this litigation is still…

Amazon’s Next CEO Led the Cloud Computing Division that Blacklisted Parler

Amazon Web Services (AWS) boss Andy Jassy — who is ultimately responsible for blacking Parler — will take over as the CEO of Amazon when Jeff Bezos steps down from the role. Jassy will become the new CEO of Amazon later this year. The incoming CEO is currently the head of AWS, which banned Parler from…

Parler loses court battle to Amazon

Parler loses court battle to Amazon ****News Topic 261***** PARLER loses court battle with Amazon… PARLER loses court battle with Amazon… Amazon can keep Parler offline, judge rules Amazon can keep the cloud-services account of Parler offline, a federal judge in Seattle ruled Thursday. Amazon’s cloud-computing division booted Parler from its servers Jan. 11 due…

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Ripped For Tweet That Seemed To Mock Parler’s Deplatforming

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was roundly ripped on his own platform for posting a tweet early Sunday morning that seemed to be making fun of rival network Parler’s deplatforming. After Parler’s popularity grew following the deactivation of President Donald Trump’s Twitter account and a massive purge of other conservative accounts, both Apple and…

Florida Business Owner Banned From Facebook and Instagram For Ties To Laura Loomer and...

Bobby Pickles, a South Florida small business owner, Trump supporter, Proud Boy, and avid supporter of Roger Stone and Laura Loomer, is the latest conservative to get the boot from far-left social media platform Facebook. Pickles is the owner of Fat Enzo T-Shirts which designs and manufactures all of the “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong”…

Social media earthquake as Parler welcomes 1,000,000 new users [Video]

The Western Journal reports that there has been a breakthrough in the hammerlock Facebook, Twitter and other Big Tech social media have had on the population. For the last few years, these big networks had become creeping censors, eliminating well-known but more “fringe-y” conservatives and their news sites from mainstream sharing and distribution. Now, with Twitter…

With The #TWEXIT Movement Gaining Momentum, We’ve Compiled A List Of Conservative Accounts To...

With social media platforms censoring Conservatives at an all time high, Twitter users are moving in droves to “the people driven social platform” Parler. Many users of Twitter have noticed a recent influx of censorship with the deletion of tweets without warning due to Terms of Service violations that are ever-evolving, new policies being added…

Laura Loomer Exceeds Pre-Ban Twitter Following on Parler With 300k Followers

This week marks a special milestone for investigative journalist and now Republican Congressional candidate in Florida District 21, Laura Loomer. After having been permanently banned from Twitter, Loomer moved over to free speech social media platform Parler, and not only brought her followers with her, but has now exceeded the amount of followers she had…

Free Speech Social Media Platform Parler Declares To Show All Political Ads ‘Without Censorship...

Tuesday, the alt-tech social media platform Parler published a post explaining that regardless of political party, all political ads would remain uncensored on the site. “In keeping with its mission to be a true Public Square, not an agenda driven publisher, Parler will curate and circulate any ads from legitimate campaigns and allow voters to…

Tired of Twitter’s Censorship, Trump 2020 Team Urges Users To Migrate To Parler

With social media censorship only increasing by the day, many conservatives are fed up and have been making the move from Twitter (and Facebook) to Parler, an alt-tech social media platform that has pledged since its inception to not censor users. When Laura Loomer was permanently deplatformed, she warned that the Silicon Valley mafia would…
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