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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Pete Buttigieg Touts ‘Equity’ in ‘Infrastructure’ Plan to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg repeatedly touted the “equity” aspects of President Joe Biden’s “infrastructure” proposal during a Thursday speech to the National Action Network. After praising Al Sharpton as “a moral leader,” Buttigieg said black Americans now have “a White House that has made vaccine equity a pillar of the response” to the coronavirus pandemic.…

Chris Wallace Fact-Checks Pete Buttigieg Over Infrastructure During Live Interview — Twice

“Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace challenged Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg directly over his claims about President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan. Wallace asked Buttigieg about claims that the United States ranked 13th in infrastructure as well as claims that the proposed infrastructure plan would create some 19 million jobs. (RELATED: Biden Admin Massively Overstated How…

Is There No Limit To Democrat Hypocrisy?

We can all of us be guilty of hypocrisy at times, but as has often been pointed out, if the Democratic Party didn’t have double standards, it would have no standards at all. There are literally dozens of examples of this in the public domain, but here are a few of the most recent. When…

12 States Sue Biden Administration Over Climate Policies, ‘Massive Expansion’ Of Regulations

A group of Republican state attorneys general alleged in a federal lawsuit filed Monday that President Joe Biden’s climate policies are a major overreach and could damage their states’ economies The 12-state coalition said Biden overstepped his constitutional authority by declaring there were “social costs” of continued greenhouse gas emissions in a Jan. 20 executive…

REPORT: Joe Biden Is Considering Pete Buttigieg For China Ambassador Post

President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly considering his former competitor Pete Buttigieg ambassador to in China after ruling him out as his ambassador to the United Nations, Axios reported. China isn’t the only foreign post that Buttigieg could be selected for, and the former Democratic Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has communicated his interest in foreign…

Blue State Blues: Remember When Democrats Alleged Fraud — This Year?

The 2020 election began with allegations of fraud — by Democrats.  On Monday, February 3, the Iowa caucuses were held — the formal beginning of the presidential primary. The state had decided to use a new system of voting, loosely based on a ranked-choice model.  The voters in each community would meet and deliberate, then…

Fact Check: Pete Buttigieg Claims Late-Term Abortions Are Due to ‘Devastating Medical News’

CLAIM: A prior claim by failed Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has “resurfaced,” according to Newsweek, and it holds that most women decide to have very late-term abortions due to suddenly revealed “devastating medical news.” VERDICT: False today, just as it was in the past. Buttigieg’s past comments from 2019 and earlier this year, however, still…

Pinkerton: The Real Battle of 2020: Who Votes, and Who Counts

The Washington Post Sounds the Alarm Published on the front page of the August 24 edition of The Washington Post, the   headline was sure to grab the attention of every hardcore Democratic politico: “More than 500,000 mail ballots were rejected in the primaries. That could make the difference in battleground states this fall.”  As…

Here’s What To Expect In 2021: Judicial Overhaul

The nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sparked conversations about the Supreme Court and the massive amount of influence one president has if he is able to nominate just one person. Democrats have talked about “court-packing” to counter the two justices that President Donald Trump has appointed. Court-packing is where Democrats or Republicans could…

Left-Wing App Accused Of Botching Iowa Caucus Undergoes Massive Rebranding

The left-wing tech firm reportedly behind much of the chaos surrounding the Iowa caucus in February is rebranding and recruiting new leadership as the company’s CEO acknowledges: It’s time for a major overhaul. Shadow is calling itself BlueLink and adding new leadership after its technology caused delays in reporting the results of the caucus. The…
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