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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Peter Schiff: The Only Thing Transitory Is The Fed’s Credibility

Via SchiffGold.com,The October CPI numbers came in much higher than expected. In his podcast, Peter dug into the data juxtaposed with the official narrative that inflation is transitory. When you boil it all down, the only thing that is transitory is the Federal Reserve’s credibility.Peter said he’s been taking the “over” on CPI projections all year.…

Peter Schiff: Bond Prices Will “Implode” And Our Economic House Of Cards Will Collapse

Peter Schiff was a guest on the Quoth the Raven podcast on Friday last week, where he covered topics ranging from crypto, to the VA governor race results, to China and, of course, the Fed's decision to taper this past week. He first talks about why he thinks bitcoin’s latest run up is irrelevant and why he still sees…

Orthodox Christian Priest gives 12,381 reasons to not be vaccinated [Video]

Father Peter Heers has been one of the most successful Orthodox Christian clerics to speak out strongly and forcefully against the use of COVID-19 vaccines. He is able to successfully communicate the multitude of warnings and prophecies that have been in existence for many years that appear to point directly at the COVID crisis. In…

Peter Schiff Blasts Jerome Powell’s “Bad Economics”

Via SchiffGold.com,During a Q&A with students and teachers, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell praised the bad economics that drove the government response to the coronavirus pandemic. In this clip from his podcast, Peter Schiff breaks down everything Powell got wrong.During the Zoom event, Powell went out of his way to praise Congress for passing the…

Peter Schiff: Markets Are Moving On A Fantasy

Via SchiffGold.com,We’ve seen a sharp selloff in both gold and silver. Gold was down over $40 an ounce Friday (and nose-dived in early Sunday trading). Meanwhile, the US dollar saw a sharp increase, along with a rise in long-term Treasury yields. The catalyst for these sharp moves was a better-than-expected jobs report and expectation that it will…

Peter Schiff: The Markets Are Afraid Of The Wrong Thing

Via SchiffGold.com,The markets have been jittery lately. The mainstream remains concerned about inflation – more specifically that the Fed is going to tighten monetary policy sooner rather than later to fight rising prices. But in his podcast, Peter Schiff makes the case that the markets are afraid of the wrong thing. They shouldn’t be worried…

Peter Schiff: The Fed Is Like The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Via SchiffGold.com,There has been a growing sentiment in the markets that inflation isn’t transitory and the Fed is going to eventually have to tighten monetary policy to deal with it. The International Monetary Fund fed the narrative last week when Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva warned of a “sustained” inflation rise in the United States. This comes…

Peter Schiff: Everything Is Great! Because The Fed Says So

Via SchiffGold.com,The S&P 500 closed last week at an all-time record high. This is quite a reversal from the previous week. In his podcast, Peter Schiff said there has been a shift in expectations. After the June FOMC meeting, investors were jittery that the Fed was going to tighten monetary policy to fight inflation. Now the…

Peter Schiff: The Fed Is Running A “No Stick” Monetary Policy

Via SchiffGold.com,The markets reacted to last week’s Federal Reserve meeting as if the central bank was about to embark on a major monetary policy tightening spree. But as Peter Schiff discussed in his podcast, the Fed is all talk. It can’t possibly do what the markets think it might do. In effect, the central bank…

Peter Schiff: Was This Fed Meeting Really “Hawkish”?

Via SchiffGold.com,The Federal Reserve wrapped up its June meeting. While the central bank didn’t raise rates, the messaging coming out of the FOMC was widely viewed as hawkish. But was it really?Peter Schiff doesn’t think so. In fact, he characterized the Fed’s messaging as extremely dovish. And the fact that it continues to ignore inflation…
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