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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Peter Schiff: The Fed Is Running A “No Stick” Monetary Policy

Via SchiffGold.com,The markets reacted to last week’s Federal Reserve meeting as if the central bank was about to embark on a major monetary policy tightening spree. But as Peter Schiff discussed in his podcast, the Fed is all talk. It can’t possibly do what the markets think it might do. In effect, the central bank…

Peter Schiff: Was This Fed Meeting Really “Hawkish”?

Via SchiffGold.com,The Federal Reserve wrapped up its June meeting. While the central bank didn’t raise rates, the messaging coming out of the FOMC was widely viewed as hawkish. But was it really?Peter Schiff doesn’t think so. In fact, he characterized the Fed’s messaging as extremely dovish. And the fact that it continues to ignore inflation…

Peter Schiff: Americans Are Worried About Inflation

Via SchiffGold.com,If you’ve been to the grocery store, or the gas station, or the building supply store, you know we have an inflation problem. Last month’s hotter than expected CPI confirmed what we already intuitively know. But the folks over at the Federal Reserve continue to tell us there’s nothing to worry about. They insist inflation is…

Peter Schiff: Inflation Crashes The Party

Authored by Peter Schiff via SchiffGold.com,It’s dawning on many investors that our post-Covid financial problems may not be as easily solved as Washington claims...The latest clue that trouble is brewing has come from the sudden and dramatic arrival of inflation. On May 12, it was revealed that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) had risen 4.2% year-over-year,…

Peter Schiff: Investors Are Starting To Worry The Fed Won’t Fight Inflation

Via SchiffGold.com,We’ve been talking about the inflation threat for months. But the markets have been acting as if the real threat is the Federal Reserve trying to fight inflation by tightening monetary policy. With every bit of inflation news, gold has sold off. But after last week’s hotter than expected CPI data, it looks like investors may…

Peter Schiff: The Federal Reserve Is Basically Just A Big PR Firm

Via SchiffGold.com,Most people view the Federal Reserve as an important policying-making body driving the economy. But in this clip from an interview with Jay Matin at Cambridge House, Peter Schiff says the Fed’s primary role is that of a marketing firm selling the populace on bad economics and trying to convince everybody that everything is…

Peter Schiff: We’re On Autopilot Down The Road Toward Inflation

Via SchiffGold.com,During his recent 60 Minutes interview, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated that he thinks any spike in price inflation will be transitory. As he put it during the interview, we may see “temporarily higher prices but not persistent inflation.” Peter Schiff appeared on RT Boom Bust to talk about Powell’s view on rising prices. He called…

Peter Schiff: Jerome Powell Is Making Promises The Fed Can’t Keep

Via SchiffGold.com,Jerome Powell was on 60 Minutes Sunday to reassure us that everything is great and the economy is in fine shape thanks to the Fed. He went on to guarantee the Fed’s indefinite economic support while downplaying inflation. Powell made a lot of promises, but as Peter Schiff breaks it down in his podcast,…

Peter Schiff: Inflation Is A Painful Tax

Via SchiffGold.com,We’re told inflation isn’t a problem. But a quick trip out to the grocery store or to fill up your car with gas tells you otherwise. Prices are going up. Peter Schiff recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to talk about inflation. He said the price of everything is going up and the value…

Peter Schiff: The Box That The Federal Reserve Is In

Via SchiffGold.com,Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen testified jointly before the US Senate last week. Inflation was a big topic of conversation. The Fed chair continued to insist that the central can fight inflation if necessary, but that it really isn’t a problem we need to worry about right now. In his podcast, Peter Schiff said…

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