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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Students For Life Rally Outside Sen. Casey’s Office Urging Him Support Barrett’s Supreme Court...

A Students for Life of America (SFLA) group gathered outside the district office of self-proclaimed pro-life Democrat Sen. Bob Casey whose voting record has heavily aligned with pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL. The SFLA group’s sidewalk chalk supporting Judge Amy Coney Barrett was hosed down by building staff of the Philadelphia property where…

Trump: They Play Games in Philadelphia — Watch the Voting Very Closely

President Donald Trump expressed suspicion of Democrat voting tactics in Philadelphia on Friday, urging his supporters to watch closely for any fraud. “You got to be very careful in Philadelphia. They play games in Philadelphia, and they won’t let us watch the count in Philadelphia,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida. The…

Thousands Of Vehicles Join Trump Road Rally In Philadelphia Suburb

Thousands of vehicles participated in a Trump Road Rally on Saturday afternoon in a Philadelphia suburb. An estimated 6,700 vehicles joined the Bikers, Cars and Truckers 4 Trump Road Rally according to a Facebook post from the event’s organizer. Pennsylvania’s First District ‘People4Trump’ Political Action Committee’s Jim Worthington organized the road rally in Newtown, Pennsylvania…

Donald Trump: Barack Obama Back on the Campaign Trail ‘Just Made Us Stronger’

President Donald Trump on Saturday welcomed former President Barack Obama back to the campaign trail. Trump said it was “good news” that Obama would campaign for his former Vice President Joe Biden in the final weeks of the 2020 presidential campaign. “Well, that’s good news,” Trump said. “He campaigned harder than Hillary Clinton did for…

ICE Targets Sanctuary Cities In New Operation: Report

Under the Trump administration, cities that have instituted sanctuary policies will be targeted by an upcoming Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation according to three U.S. officials, The Washington Post reported. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) “sanctuary op” will start in California before targeting Denver and Philadelphia, the Post reported. The operation reportedly falls in…

Trump Campaign Threatens To Sue Philadelphia City Commissioners For Allegedly Not Allowing Poll Watchers

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is threatening to sue Pennsylvania City Commissioners after the Philadelphia County Board of Elections allegedly denied poll watchers the opportunity to watch the voting process. Trump first raised the concern Tuesday in a tweet, saying the satellite stations were rife with “corruption.” “Wow. Won’t let Poll Watchers & Security into Philadelphia…

Philly Protesters Begin To Block Highway, But Become Disorganized, Lose Interest, Go Away Instead

In a rare instance, protesters attempted to block a highway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tuesday evening but did not anger drivers, disrupt any traffic or jump onto and get thrown off of any police cars. That’s because the group became disorganized and visibly confused midway through the process and quickly opted to give up and go away…

‘We Will Not Prosecute’: Left-Wing Prosecutors, Many Backed By Soros Cash, Implement Soft-On-Crime Policies...

Left-wing prosecutors overseeing Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and San Francisco have embraced soft-on-crime approaches, a Daily Caller News Foundation review found. Several top district attorneys vowed not to prosecute specific crimes as a matter of policy. Multiple analyses have shown left-wing prosecutors dropping or diverting more charges than their predecessors.  Super PACs backed by billionaire George…

Philadelphia NAACP President Under Pressure To Resign Over Anti-Semitic Facebook Post

Officials are putting pressure on Philadelphia NAACP President Minster Rodney Muhammad to resign after a now-deleted anti-Semitic Facebook post. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania State Sen. Steve Santarsiero, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia have all called for Muhammad’s resignation, CBS3 Philadelphia reported. Others have condemned the post and called…

Philadelphia Inquirer Editor Resigns After Blow-Up Over ‘Buildings Matter Too’ Headline

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s top editor has resigned after staffers complained about a “deeply offensive” headline that was published earlier in the week. Stan Wischnowski, who worked for the Inquirer for two decades, published an article about the looting and destruction that came as peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd gave way to violent…

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