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Two Civilians Reportedly Stop An Attempted Abduction In Philadelphia

November 02, 2020 10:36 PM ET Two citizens put a halt to an attempted abduction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Monday evening according to 6 ABC News. Philadelphia police say that a 26-year-old woman was walking in the northbound direction of the two hundredth block of South Twenty-fourth Street at approximately 5:20 PM when a man grabbed…

Los Angeles & DC Businesses Brace for Election Day Chaos, Board Up Windows

Businesses throughout major cities in America, particularly in California and Washington D.C., are bracing for what is expected to be a chaotic Election Day full of protests. Bill Melugin, a journalist for Fox 11 Los Angeles, shared photos to Twitter on Thursday that showed concerned business owners boarding up their windows to avoid damage from…

Philadelphia Firefighters Union Votes to Endorse Trump

The Philadelphia Firefighters Union has voted to uphold its endorsement of President Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 presidential election. The American Arbitration Association, which represents the Internation Association of Firefighters Local 22, sent out ballots to its members two weeks ago and asked whether the firefighters in the union wanted to repeal the union’s endorsement of…

Vietnamese Baptist Church Burned in Philadelphia During Black Lives Matter Riots

The Vietnamese Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was a “total loss” after being burned during Black Lives Matter protests and riots on Tuesday night, according to news reports and video footage released Wednesday. A Vietnamese Baptist church was burned in Philadelphia last night. The Pastor says they poured a chemical accelerant on the roof and…

WATCH: DC Cops Injured by Protester’s Fireworks

Multiple news outlets and journalists on social media report multiple Washington, D.C. police officers were injured during a protest that began outside a district headquarters. Some of the officers were injured when protesters threw an explosive fireworks device into a line of police officers on bicycles. Initial reports indicate that someone from a crowd of…

Watch: Protesters Assault Reporter Filming BLM Looting in Philadelphia

A group of protesters assaulted a reporter as he filmed the widespread looting taking place in Philadelphia. The looting took place during the second night of Black Lives Matters protests over the shooting death of a knife-wielding assailant by police. On Tuesday night, Elijah Schaffer, a journalist with The Blaze recorded some of the widespread…

Mass Rioting And Looting In Philadelphia Following Police Shooting

Mass looting and rioting began Tuesday night in Philadelphia, marking the second night of riots following the Monday death of Walter Wallace Jr. A video taken by Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott showed looters raiding a Five Below store. Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer was beaten by rioters because he was filming inside the store. The…

National Guard Deployed In Philadelphia After Night Of Riots

The Pennsylvania National Guard has been deployed in Philadelphia after a night of rioting Monday. “At the request of Philadelphia County, the Pennsylvania National Guard is staffing several hundred members in Philadelphia to protect the right to peacefully assemble and protest while keeping people safe,” the Philadelphia National Guard said according to CBS Philadephia. (RELATED:…

Protesters Begin Looting and Attacking Vehicles in Philadelphia

Rioters in Philadelphia begin looting and vandalizing random vehicles Monday night. The riots followed the shooting of an armed Black man who chased officers with a knife. Protests are turning violent in multiple parts of the city after two police officers were forced to defend themselves from a man wielding a knife during a domestic…

Watch: Protest Turns Violent After Cops Shoot Man Armed with Knife in Philadelphia

Protests in multiple parts of Philadelphia turned violent on Monday night after two police officers shot a Black man armed with a knife. Protesters took to the streets shortly after a video showing the man chasing police with a knife was shot and killed. Protests are turning violent in multiple parts of the City of…
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