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Robbery Suspects Pick Car Of Rare Philly Concealed Carry Permit Holder, One Dies

January 18, 2022 4:43 PM ET A man in Philadelphia allegedly shot three men and killed one from his house while they were attempting to steal his car Tuesday morning.The victim of the robbery allegedly had a license to carry a firearm and shot the three men while they were trying to take his car,…

Pennsylvania Democrat Commissioner Charged with Raping 15-Year-Old Boy

A Democrat elected official in Darby Township, Pennsylvania, has been arrested and charged with raping a 15-year-old boy. Marvin Smith, a 50-year-old Democrat elected to the Darby Township Board of Commissioners in 2019, turned himself in to the Philadelphia Police Department late last week on charges of rape, sexual assault, and others related to the…

House Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon Carjacked at Gunpoint in Philadelphia

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) was carjacked at gunpoint in Philadelphia and was left unharmed on Wednesday, her office said in a statement. Philadelphia Police said the incident occurred at 2:45 P.M. EST on the 1900 block of Pattison Avenue in FDR Park following a tour which included fellow Congress members. 6 ABC reports: Scanlon was…

Democratic Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon Carjacked At Gunpoint Following Meeting In Home District

Democratic Pennsylvania Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon was carjacked at gunpoint following a meeting in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park in South Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon, her spokeswoman announced.“The congresswoman was physically unharmed” during the carjacking, communications director Lauren Cox said in a statement. “She thanks both the Philadelphia Police Department for their swift response, and appreciates…

VIDEO: Philadelphia Issues Coronavirus Vaccine Requirements for Indoor Dining

Officials in Philadelphia said Monday proof of coronavirus vaccination will be required to eat inside a restaurant or other food establishment in the near future. The rollout will start January 3, according to Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, ABC 6 reported. “Any place that sells food or drink to be consumed on-site will have…

Top Official For Major City Resigns Over Reports Of Anti-Semitic Comments

December 06, 2021 4:41 PM ET Philadelphia Commerce Director Michael Rashid resigned Sunday after coming under fire for allegedly making anti-Semitic comments and verbally abusing staff.Reports show several Facebook posts Rashid made, containing inflammatory comments about religion and other anti-Semitic remarks. More details emerged in late November about Rashid’s alleged conduct towards black women who…

Police Blast Philadelphia DA After Shooting Death of Pregnant Woman

Philadelphia District Attorney Krasner was blasted by the city’s deputy police commissioner after a 32-year-old pregnant woman was shot 11 times Saturday night. The Daily Mail reports that the deceased mother, Jessica Covington, was shot and killed while unloading gifts she had received at a baby shower. Both Covington and her unborn child were killed in the…

Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot While Returning Home From Baby Shower

November 21, 2021 12:32 PM ET A Philadelphia woman who was pregnant was fatally shot while on her way home from her baby shower Saturday night.Officers arrived on the scene to find the 32-year-old woman, who was 7 months pregnant, shot in the head and stomach after an officer in the area reportedly heard gunfire,…

Satanists Convince School To Overturn Ban On Satanic Clothing For Students

A Pennsylvania Satanic organization was able to convince a school district to alter its dress code to remove a ban on clothes that were “satanic in nature,” local news station WPVI-TV reported.Joseph Rose, the founder of Satanic Delco, told WPVI-TV that the children of Satanists enrolled within the Rose Tree Media School District, which is…

Report: 11 Flights of Afghans Flown to Wisconsin, 300 Land in Philadelphia

A total of 11 flights filled with Afghans evacuated from Afghanistan were flown to Volk Field Air National Guard Base in Juneau County, Wisconsin, late last week, according to local reports. Officials at Fort McCoy, also in Wisconsin, where thousands of Afghans are set to be housed, confirmed to WMTV15 News that the 11 flights of…

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