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Friday, May 20, 2022

Trump nominated for THIRD Nobel Peace Prize – for PEACEMAKING [Video]

This is clearly an opportunity to gloat and say “see, I told you so.” Read on and enjoy. Two earlier pieces here on The Duran make note of the US President’s record on foreign policy and aggression, something that had long been the focus of many geopolitical wonks as being proof of the “hegemony” of the United…

The 2020 election features two unmasked Americas

A recent POLITICO piece entitled “He’s Destroyed Conservatism: the Republican Case Against Trump’s GOP” features an extensive interview with one Stuart Stevens, a long-time political adviser and operative who worked to get a great many Republicans elected. Stevens is and has always been one of that breed of Republicans who call himself a “Never Trumper”,…

Fed Policy Simplified: Lower, Longer, And ZIRP Until Something (Or Everything) Breaks

Authored by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog, The current interest rate cycle began in August of 2019 when the Fed cut rates from a cycle high of 2.4% to 2.1%.  The Fed was then fighting the "repo-crisis" in which the Fed was incapable of setting interest rates...and gasp...free-market based interest rates were the result.  And,…

Timeline of coronavirus responses show infantile Democrat reaction to Trump

Even though the US president is often seen to pivot in opinions about given points, the sum total of his maneuvering seems to work for the nation as a whole. The coronavirus pandemic is no different. However, it does have to be acknowleged that the President has done what amounts to a complete 180-degree turn…

Are Bernie and the Democrat Party just entertainment? [Video]

The 2020 campaign for Presidential nominee in the Democrat Party is very strange. The characteristics are warped, thrown into a quasi-hypnotic level of distortion. At least, that is how it looks from a conservative viewpoint. The campaign does do one thing very well. It highlights the extremely vivid ideological divide between a culture of common sense and…

Can A Policy Recession Occur When The Fed Is Easing?

Submitted by Joseph Crason, Former Director of Global Economic Research, Alliance Bernstein Is it possible for a policy recession to occur when successive rounds of policy-stimulus have worked to extend the economic cycle and the policy-fuel runs out or cannot be provided in the same scale? We may soon find out. The current stance of…

“Policy Panic” Arrives: Here’s How To Trade It

Yesterday's violent reversal in the S&P which followed a dreadful non-manufacturing ISM (which in turn followed a dismal manufacturing ISM print just days earlier), confirmed that once again "bad news is good news" for the market (although today's market reaction to the lukewarm payrolls report in turn suggested that both bad and good economic news…

Identity politics make rational discourse impossible [Video]

One of the saying commonly attributed to statements like this above headline is to say “Captain Obvious” is speaking. We all already know this – that debate becomes absurd when dealing with identity politics. But do we really stop to consider just how widely destructive the use of identity politics actually is to running a representative republic?…

US’ false narrative prevents a sane relationship with Russia [Video]

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave a speech Monday in which he defended his record of “standing up to Russia” as an attempt to show his toughness compared with Democrats. However, in his statements, he also cast several “poison arrows” that are all but guaranteed to prevent the normalization of relations between the US and…

US Foreign Policy Is A Battle On Disobedience

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via Medium.com, In an excellent new essay titled “We’re Not the Good Guys  - Why Is American Aggression Missing in Action?”, Tom Engelhardt criticizes the way western media outlets consistently describe the behavior of disobedient nations like Iran as “aggressions”, but never use that label for the (generally antecedent and far…
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