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PHOTOS: Protesters, Police Officers Clash Again In Portland

PORTLAND – Police declared an unlawful assembly late Saturday evening outside of the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in Portland, Oregon. Protesters threw water bottles at officers and police in riot gear told the crowd to “move back” and pushed individuals toward Chapman Square, where they told the crowd that the park was closed and…

Poll: Plurality Of Likely Voters Say Demonstrations In Kenosha And Portland Are Riots —...

September 13, 2020 5:05 PM ET A plurality of likely voters say the demonstrations in Oregon, Wisconsin and New York are better described as riots rather than protests, a Fox News poll released Sunday revealed. Forty-eight percent of likely voters said the gatherings are riots, while 40% consider them protests, the poll showed. A total…

Wildfire Smoke Causes Worst Air Quality in the World for San Francisco, Portland, and...

Smoke pollution from wildfires raging in California and across the Pacific Northwest worsened in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Oregon, on Friday, giving those cities and others in the region the worst air quality in the world, according to IQAir.com. Public health officials warned residents to keep indoors with the windows shut, to set air conditioners to run on…

Black Lives Matter behavior resorting to tantrums for attention [Video]

Black Lives matter marchers who were encouraged by doctors to march even though the COVID pandemic was supposed to be so dangerous. One of the ways very severely mentally ill people act out for attention is to make physical threats against themselves in public. Another way is to attack random people they do not even…

Police Union Bosses Blame Local Prosecutors For ‘Night After Night Of Rioting’

Two police union officials fault local prosecutors for allowing riots to continue through lenient policies and refusals to charge violent demonstrators to the highest extent of the law.  Both of the union bosses used Portland as a model for an inept prosecutorial system and they applauded a recent decision by the federal government to remedy…

WATCH: ‘Protesters’ Set Man on Fire with Bomb Thrown at Portland Police

A firebomb thrown by rioters at police in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday night set a “protester” on fire, according to the Portland Police Bureau. Video taken at the scene and retweeted by the police showed fire erupting in the middle of a street, as a man caught in the flames attempted to run out of…

Portland Police: Reinhoel Appeared to Target His Victim, Video Suggests

Police in Portland reported that Antifa supporter Michael Forest Reinoehl appeared to target Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson in last weekend’s shooting, lurking in the alcove of a parking garage before emerging to shoot his victim. Reinoehl was killed in a confrontation with federal law enforcement in Washington state on Thursday. He was armed. Surveillance footage…

Pinkerton: The Crime Election — Trump vs. Biden 

The Issue is Law and Order Six months or a year ago, an observer might have thought that this presidential campaign would be waged over impeachment, or Iran, or the coronavirus, or maybe China.  Instead, we’re having an election over rioting, violence—and law and order.   On August 25, CNN’s Don Lemon said of the…

Study: America Hit By Roughly 550 Violent Demonstrations In Three Months

Data gathered in a Thursday study suggested that the U.S. experienced nearly 550 violent demonstrations since May 26, the day after the death of George Floyd. The vast majority of U.S. states have experienced riots in the past three months with Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Mississippi, West Virginia, Hawaii and Alaska being the only ones unscathed…

Why doesn’t President Trump just send in the troops? A soldier explains

Kurt Schlichter penned an excellent piece for Townhall.com that gives very clear explanation for a question that has no doubt been on many conservatives’ minds: Why doesn’t the President just do what he threatens, send in the Guard and shut these riots down for good? We know those cowards will not challenge the military! As we…
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