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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Daniel Miller: Vaccine passports gateway to radical slavery [Video]

Sometimes in our pieces our readers send us leads to similar and consonant news or opinion pieces. My recent piece calling attention to the construction of American-run biological laboratories in Ukraine generated a link that led to a very interesting piece by a writer named Daniel Miller. It is his piece which we present below…

Power Is An Illusion, Control Is A Facade

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.us, This past year in numerous countries the public is being bombarded with lessons in power and control that have been forgotten for generations. I think the majority of westerners in particular have long believed themselves “safe” from totalitarian government, from collectivist micro-management and from communistic cultism. They thought we…

When CNN starts blasting Democrats, you know something is up [Video]

VP Joe Biden recently is on record for saying the American people do not deserve to know what Mr. Biden plans to do about the Supreme Court. Out of context? Maybe, but also… maybe not. He still responded exactly thus: Anger. Defiance. Or is this something else: perhaps the cries of a cornered animal? Mr. Biden…

India’s Power Output Slumps For Sixth Straight Month As Recovery Falters 

India recorded the largest single-day spike (78,761) of new COVID-19 cases on Sunday since the pandemic began. The country is easing out of strict lockdowns despite an accelerating virus pandemic—a move to restart its crashed economy that saw a record plunge in second-quarter growth. But new power generation data from the government, seen by Reuters, reveals power usage in the western…

Tucker: We were all lied to about the Coronavirus pandemic [Video]

Tucker Carlson delivered another scathing review of the state of affairs in the United States, with liberal governments actually showing themselves as more and more culpable in the deaths of people precisely because of the coronavirus lockdowns, which were touted as life-saving. His monologue, a ten-minute, absolutely packed commentary, delivered the strongest blow yet to the…

Visualizing The Power And Frequency Of Earthquakes

The surface of our planet is in a constant state of creation and destruction as the plates of the Earth collide. It is this movement of the Earth’s crust that causes earthquakes, sending tremors throughout the world. Today’s graphic by Visual Capitalist is inspired by a classic USGS diagram that tracks the scale and frequency of earthquakes.…

Understanding The Keys To Power…

Authored by Adam Taggart via PeakProsperity.com, Understanding the keys to power...will be a survival requirement for the coming decade. The past decade was undoubtedly shaped by the policy adopted by the global central banking cartel to flood the world with massive amounts of liquidity (over $15 trillion) to “rescue” markets following the Great Financial Crisis.…

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Power Grid Chaos Jolts Texas On Friday, Energy Costs Triple Amid Heat Wave

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has been asking customers to conserve energy this week as spot power prices in Texas triple to a record on Friday. The state's power grid operator that serves most of Texas declared an energy conservation emergency for the second time this week, the first on Tuesday when temperatures…

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