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Monday, December 6, 2021

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Faces Hospital Crisis: 85% of Inpatient and ICU Beds Occupied...

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) faces a statewide hospital crowding crisis as roughly 85 percent of both Michigan’s inpatient and intensive care unit (ICU) hospital beds were occupied at the time of the state’s latest PPE and Bed Tracking data release. Of the states 22,745 inpatient hospital beds, 19,233 were occupied, accounting for 84.5 percent…

After Son’s Death, Mother May Hear Baby’s Heartbeat Again

A young woman named Brittany Struebing in Racine, Wisconsin, remembers every detail about the day her son, Arkaydin Howard, was born in November 2018. She has numerous photos and videos of her child to show others. However, when he was only three-months-old, Arkaydin passed away, the Journal Times reported Sunday. The loss occurred almost three years…

Looters Ransack Numerous Retailers Across Country Throughout Thanksgiving Week

Groups of looters ransacked shopping centers and retailers around the country throughout Thanksgiving week following last weekend’s full-fledged stealing bonanza in California’s Bay Area. A Sunglass Hut at the Del Monte shopping center in Monterey, California, was hit by a group of four on Friday, who stole an estimated $30,000 in sunglasses, police confirmed to…

PHOTOS: 14-Year-Old Illinois Girl Paints Mural Honoring Marines and First Responders

file/Getty Images A 14-year-old girl painted a mural spanning several walls in Marion, Illinois, that pays homage to Marines and first responders. The idea for the mural began earlier this year when Chief Tim Barnett of the Marion Fire Department approached attorney Ronald Osman and his son Blane about putting a design on a building…

Utility Company Shuts Off Power to 75,000 Californians on Thanksgiving Due to High Winds

Utility company Southern California Edison (SCE) shut off upwards of 75,000 Californians’ power on Thanksgiving Day as strong winds threatened to spark wildfires. Strong winds whipped through the southern portion of the Golden State from Wednesday night through Thursday, prompting the SCE to shut down power Thanksgiving morning to avoid wildfires, the LA Times reported.…

Military to Assist Michigan with Coronavirus Surge After Gov. Whitmer Seeks Help

The federal government plans to send 44 military medical workers to Michigan to assist hospitals treating coronavirus patients during a fourth surge that has become the worst in the nation, according to state health officials. “It also will open beds at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Detroit for transfers. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sought the assistance at…

More Than $1.3 Million Raised for Waukesha Christmas Parade Victims

Verified GoFundMe accounts have raised upwards of $1.3 million for victims and their families in the aftermath of the Waukesha Christmas Parade on Sunday where Darrell E. Brooks Jr. allegedly plowed an SUV through the parade route, killing six and injuring over forty more. As of 2:25 p.m. on Wednesday, some $1,355,141 was raised in…

San Jose Lululemon Ransacked as Bay-Area Looting Continues for 3rd Straight Night

Looters struck California’s Bay Area again and hit a Lululemon store in San Jose, marking the third consecutive night a store in the region was ransacked. The suspects arrived at the store around 6:30 p.m., pilfered merchandise, and fled the area, KPIX reports. The suspects were no longer at the scene when authorities arrived. Law enforcement…

Rittenhouse Attorney: ‘I Quit Answering the Phone’ After Inundation of Death Threats

Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney Mark Richards says he has stopped using his phone after being inundated with death threats. “Everybody in this case, and when I say that, I mean prosecution, defense – to me it’s scary how many death threats we’ve had,” Richards stated at a press conference after court Friday, following the jury’s five-count…

Report: Navy Pay Delays Causing Some Sailors to Rely on Loans

Navy sailors who recently earned increases in housing allowances due to marriage or relocating to a more expensive area are noticing months-long delays in their pay raise, according to Military.com. The situation has caused some to take out loans to try and make ends meet, the outlet reported Friday. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Vice President…
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