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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

IRONIC: Twitter Censors President Trump’s Tweet Of Michelle Malkin’s Speech on Tech Censorship

Saturday morning at 7:56 a.m. EST President Donald Trump retweeted a post from America First Clips featuring a speech by conservative journalist Michelle Malkin in which she calls out Big Tech censorship. Within the hour, the original America First Clips tweet was deleted by Twitter. Ironic. “The Radical Left is in total command & control…

Twitter To Flag COVID-19 Tweets That Go Against World Health Organization And Other ‘Authoritative...

On Monday Twitter made a new announcement about yet even more censoring of information on their platform, this time they’re coming after any COVID-19 related info they deem as “misleading”. This includes posts from President Donald J. Trump’s official account and other state and world leaders. How is this not election interference? They are trying…

75-Year Victory Day celebration over a Russia in quarantine [Video]

One cannot resist thinking that this Victory Day scene is a bit post-apocalyptic. The sight of the yearly military air parade over Moscow was a welcome sight as I watched several formations of fighter planes and a single Tupolev bomber fly over my home in southeastern Moscow. Tuning in to RT’s “Ruptly” service online yielded…

Russia flies needed coronavirus aid to the United States

A somewhat buried article on the Russia Today (RT) English-language site, and more prominently shown on the Russian site, notes that Russia sent a plane full of needed helpful supplies and equipment to help the United States combat the coronavirus pandemic and help its people. On the morning of March 31st, the USA has over…

Russian Constitution to proclaim God and ban same-sex marriage [Video]

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Patriarch of Russia Kirill lay flowers at the monument in homage to Minin and Pozharsky on the Red Square near the Kremlin marking the National Unity Day in Moscow on November 04, 2018. - The monument commemorates Russian Prince Dmitry Pozharsky and merchant Kuzma Minin, who gathered a volunteer…

Bruce LeVell On Black Support For Biden: ‘They’re Caught Up In A Harsh Generational...

Bruce LeVell, the executive director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, sat down the the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill to discuss the South Carolina primary, black support for former Vice President Joe Biden and more. “They’re caught up in a harsh generational curse,” said LeVell. “I think people have short memories when it comes…

US impeachment trial shows great wisdom of the US Constitution [Video]

If one judges the age of nations by how old their constitutions and governmental structures are, Paul Ryan tells the truth when he says the US has the oldest democracy in the world. This is verified as True, even on PolitiFact. The US Constitution was ratified in 1788, and although it has been successfully amended…

Trump’s “impeachable offense” is wanting to get along with Russia (Video)

Finally, we now know why the Democrats and the Deep State and the Establishment in the US government want to get rid of President Donald Trump. He wants to get along with Russia. Tucker Carlson lays it out using the statements laid out in the first public hearing of the Compleat Fake Impeachment Inquiry. This…

Aren’t you glad Hillary never became President? [Video]

Paranoid Hillary Clinton may have received a lot of cover from her press cronies, but she committed a grave miscalculation when she insinuated that US House Representative Tulsi Gabbard was being groomed to be a Russian asset. TR Imagine if this woman had won the White House. Where might we be now? The Russian people were…

Swampy Congressmen exposed as Trump gets US out of Syria [Video]

President Trump said he would “drain the swamp.” He did not engage partisanship when he declared this, though many of his supporters probably thought that most of the Swamp (the embedded political establishment” were Democrats. They are not, though. This video presented by Steve Hilton of Fox shows that prominent Republicans went on record excoriating President…
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