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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Swampy Congressmen exposed as Trump gets US out of Syria [Video]

President Trump said he would “drain the swamp.” He did not engage partisanship when he declared this, though many of his supporters probably thought that most of the Swamp (the embedded political establishment” were Democrats. They are not, though. This video presented by Steve Hilton of Fox shows that prominent Republicans went on record excoriating President…

The King of the Hill syndrome and US foreign policy [Video]

Mel Brooks had a famous line in several of his movies: It’s good to be the king. His off-color comedies put this principle into practice to great comedic effect, and although a bit bawdy, the line is certainly memorable. The only problem is that Life does not show that this statement is always true. In fact,…

Hillary Clinton suggests Tulsi Gabbard is the new Russian stooge [Video]

Would-be Leader of the World Hillary Clinton just floated a conspiracy theory that accused one of “her own”, Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, the US Representative from Hawaii, of being groomed as a Russian asset. Yes, you read that right. This power-hungry woman, who never got her crown just cannot keep her mitts out of politics, but…

Democrats cornered as President Trump blows up their inquiry

President Trump has got the Democrats right where he always wanted them to be: cornered. While the Democrats are trying to cry foul over this, it does appear that they know they are caught and they cannot get out of their position without either a humiliation or an utter defeat. They did this to themselves,…

The right decision? – Trump hands off Syria to Turkey

It appears that President Trump is making good on his committment to get the US out of endless foreign wars. In a move sure to be overshadowed (and probably used) by the Compleat Fake Impeachment Inquiry, the White House announced late Sunday night that, following a conversation with Turkey’s President Recip Erdogan, Turkey will now…

Tucker Carlson unleashes severe criticism of US Intel Community

Tucker Carlson is not known for being a timid newsman at any time. But recently, as the massive exposure effort that is being cast across the Western world as “Donald Trump’s impeachment process” gains traction, the globalist elite is being forced out of the woodwork, and their fury is backed by great power due to…

Trump impeachment narrative relentlessly short on facts [Video]

Ah, yes, another article about the Compleat and Greatest Yet Attempt to Remove President Trump from Office Impeachment Extravaganza. To watch the US media outlets, notably Fox News, Drudge Report and CNN, the narratives appear to be set in place with each side trying to dig in to its position at a pitch we actually…

Bombshell in the Making: Did Adam Schiff Pull a Jussie Smollett and FABRICATE the...

(Natural News – Oct. 2, 2019) Earlier today, President Trump declared that he believes Rep. Adam Schiff wrote the so-called “whistleblower” complaint (see video below). But the official whistleblower complaint story is unraveling by the hour as new facts emerge, pointing to a far more shocking likelihood: That Adam Schiff may have fabricated the existence of the whistleblower himself,…

Professor Claims Tom Brady’s Popularity Tied to Rising ‘White Supremacy’

A Rhode Island professor now says that Tom Brady’s popularity is due to “white supremacy” in a “post-Obama America.” That Brady has won six Super Bowl rings, has earned three MVP awards, three All-Pro titles, and fourteen Pro-Bowl appearances, has little to do with his success, as far as professor Kyle Kusz is concerned, Campus…

The weekend Trump whistleblower attempt stirs the hornets’ nest [Video]

This past weekend all the media outlets lit up with a “bombshell” report that President Trump and his attorney former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani had attempted to get the new Ukrainian president, Volodomyr Zelensky, to give them information about corrupt business dealings with Hunter Biden and the connection between Hunter’s help and the influence…

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