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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

US Senate Committee shows Biden corruption known to Democrats [Video]

Well, it was a long time coming, and probably nobody expected this. In May of this year, Ukraine made it official: Joe Biden got listed as a criminal suspect for his quid pro quo, a.k.a. bribe (at least in a political sense) of US 1$ billion in exchange for the firing of a prosecutor investigating…

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Cruz Says Biden, Harris Ready To Pack The Court

October 08, 2020 9:24 PM ET Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about whether former Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris plan on packing the Supreme Court if they win the 2020 election, Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process, his new book and more. Since the…

Trump Supporter: When VA Gov. Northam, Wife Got COVID-19 ‘Nobody Wished Death Upon Them’

A Trump supporter who was outside of Walter Reed Hospital told Breitbart News said that when Virginia governor Ralph Northam (D) and his wife tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus, “nobody wished death upon them,” unlike leftists who have been wishing death upon President Donald Trump in the wake of him testing positive for the virus.…

President Trump speaks from Walter Reed Hospital [Video]

It is always best to go to the source, so here is President Trump, talking about his progress thus far in being treated for COVID-19. No Title pic.twitter.com/gvIPuYtTZG Godspeed, Mr President! 0 0 vote Article Rating Help us grow. Support The Duran on Patreon! Report The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are…

BREAKING: President Trump and First Lady test positive for COVID-19 [Video]

Fox news reported that Hope Hicks, senior White House advisor, tested positive for the coronavirus. President Trump himself spoke of this in an interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday. Later, early this morning, the President and First Lady Melania got the results themselves – they are ALSO showing positive for COVID-19. President Tweeted about this…

The real Debate, Part II – Trump stops race sensitivity training [Video]

We covered this when it happened, and it was surprising that the news piece did not take off. It should have. However, as our main distribution path makes use of social networks, it is likely that the piece was shadow banned. You can find our analysis here, and you will find it is somewhat more…

The Debate no one wanted you to see, Part I – on Race [Video]

Most of us are aware of the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I watched the first half of the debate while formulating an evaluation of my own about how it went. You can read that here. However, in continuing to watch the second half of the debate, if I were trying…

Rand Paul on issues from no-knock raids to arguing COVID with Dr Fauci [Video]

Rand Paul is often the most reasonable voice in American representative politics. A libertarian, and one with views that could be classified as “anti-conservative” (though not liberal), Rand, like his father Ron, arrive at their viewpoints though remarkable efforts at critical thinking. This makes it very difficult to pin Senator Paul down as any kind…

Democrats go full-on Antichrist as they attack potential Justice for her religion [Video]

This has been said countless times, and it still is amazing that any Christian – any at all – would even give the time of day to voting for a Democrat. Now, given, many Democrats are themselves Christian believers. While this takes a bit of mental sophistry to justify, these Democrats have at least been able…

Trump converts criticism to support and opens his first real lead [Video]

“It was not supposed to be this way. It was not supposed to be this way. It was not supposed to be this way…” This mantra is still being used by the likes of Hillary Clinton, and by a great number of Democrats and Never-Trumpers who continue to refuse to accept reality. This and the…
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