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The First Year of Joe Biden’s Presidency

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice. On the 3rd of November 2020, Joe Biden was elected the 46th president of the United States. But in fact, his…

President Biden Sees Lowest Approval Ratings Yet As Less Than Half Of Americans See...

President Biden's latest poll numbers are some of his worst yet.According to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, President Biden has just received his lowest approval rating on his job performance since his inauguration. The approval rating of just 38% is down from 42% during the previous poll three weeks ago.As far as the partisan breakdown,…

Former State Lawmaker Reveals Himself As Person Behind Billboards Showing Biden Dressed As Taliban...

Scott Wagner, former Pennsylvania Senator revealed himself as the person responsible for putting up billboards in Pennsylvania.“I’m not hiding from anybody, and that’s how I feel,” he stated, according to York Dispatch, “and I decided to put the billboards up.” A billboard featuring President Joe Biden in tactical Taliban garb with text that reads, “Making The…

Who is running Imposter Joe Biden? Revealing slip draws attention [Video]

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice. Attention got drawn directly to something Joe Biden said in his press conference yesterday after the suicide bombing attack carried out…

Donald Trump: “Everything woke turns to sh*t!” [Video]

President Trump remains too good to be true. In the very first seconds of this video you are about to see, he delivers the truth about “woke” politics and policies that simply must be said. And now, it has become evident that Donald Trump is running an organization behind the scenes that has some effectiveness. Dr.…

So saith Twitter: Taliban – Yes, Trump – NO? [Video]

When the Taliban announced their arrival in the Afghan Presidential offices via Twitter this post, I honestly missed the significance of the moment, and was humourously dismissive of it: Ali Hashem علي هاشم on Twitter: “مقاتلون من طالبان خلف طاولة مكتب الرئيس الافغاني الهارب اشرف غني. حركة طالبان تعود إلى كابل لتحكم افغانستان للمرة الثانية…

Biden and Harris are sinking in the polls. Especially Harris. [Video]

This is not tremendously new information, but the accompanying video shows an interesting trend about Kamala Harris in the weekly poll numbers. She has lost a great deal of favorability. Below are screen grabs showing approval polls for each week since she was installed in her post as “Vice President”. Note the trend: The movement…

Philippines: Manny Pacquiao Confirms 2022 Presidential Run

Legendary boxer and current Philippine Senator Manny Pacquiao will seek the Philippines’ highest political office next summer, Pacquiao’s spokesman confirmed to CNN Philippines over the weekend. “I want everyone to know … Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao is going to run for president,” Sen. Pacquiao’s spokesman, Monico Puentevella, told the news outlet on July 23. “He will…

White House openly collaborating with Facebook to censor free speech [Video]

This is outrageous, and also clever, since Congress made no laws concerning the freedom of the press by Seraphim Hanisch July 17, 2021 275 Views 5 Votes 2 Comments The Press Secretary for the White House, Jen Psaki, openly declared that the Chief Executive’s office is collaborating with Facebook to censor COVID-19 dissenters on that…

U.S. leaves Afghanistan. What’s next?

Helga I. Fellay July 18, 2021 The stupidity of those controlling the US is mind-boggling. This reminds me of the Vietnam war, more than half a century ago. Vietnam was a French colony, and the French were forced to pull out after realizing that they could no longer control or defeat a rebelling Vietnam any…

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