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Friday, December 3, 2021

Sarah Palin: Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock Preaches Peace, Doesn’t Know ‘Peace Begins in the...

DULUTH, Georgia — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) campaigned Saturday for the Georgia Senate runoff election, highlighting Democrat candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock’s views on abortion as they relate to his religious beliefs. Palin suggested to a small crowd during a stop on Club for Growth Action’s “Save America” bus tour that the views of…

Trump Campaign Prioritizes ‘Unborn Life,’ Religious Freedom for 2nd Term

The Trump campaign has added both “unborn life” and religious freedom to its list of core priorities as the president anticipates a possible second term. The new bullet points have been added to the campaign’s agenda under the heading of “Defend American Values”: Continue nominating constitutionalist Supreme Court and lower court judges Protect unborn life…

For those who think President Trump is not Christian: watch this. [Video]

This is one of the reasons why there is so much vitriol being dumped out all over President Trump from the Left, the Democrats, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband and so many more. They do not like it when someone walks the walk with regard to Christianity. It…

Trump Administration Axes Funds for Planned Parenthood International Abortions

President Donald Trump is building on his efforts to protect unborn children with the announcement this week that the State Department is expanding foreign policy actions to prevent American taxpayers from paying for abortions around the globe. After a conference call with reporters, a senior administration official told Breitbart News that the implementation of the…

Jim Harbaugh: ‘We Talk About Sanctity of Life, Yet We Live in a Society...

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh spoke Saturday of a comeback for sports after the coronavirus as well as how the virus intersects with faith and the topic of abortion. The viral outbreak has brought God to the forefront, he said. Speaking during a podcast with National Review editor Jay Nordlinger, Harbaugh said “it’s good to hope”…

Watch Live: Pro-Life Advocates Lay 3,000 Flowers Outside SCOTUS to Remember Preborn

Pro-life advocates are laying 3,000 flowers at the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday to remember the number of babies that are aborted each day in the United States. January 22 is National Sanctity of Human Life Day and also the marks the 47th year after the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 that…

Professors at Catholic University Outraged over Screening of Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’

Dozens of professors at King’s University College in Ontario, Canada, are outraged over the screening of the pro-life film, Unplanned. The professors believe the screening of the pro-life film will hinder the Catholic school’s efforts to recruit “excellent” students. The school’s principal responded by stating that while professors “do not need to prescribe to the tenets…

Twitter Users Attempt to #Cancel YouTube Star Logan Paul over Abortion Comments

YouTube star and podcast host Logan Paul has been targeted by Twitter users over his recent comments about abortion at a promotional event for an upcoming boxing match. Paul observed that his opponent, KSI, has caused five abortions, adding, “That’s five babies dead.” YouTube star Logan Paul, who is best known for recording the dead…

Exclusive: Hungarian Minister Warns ‘Pro-Abortion Is Pro-Killing’

ROME — The pro-abortion movement is engaged in a war of language, trying to convince the world it represents freedom when in reality it represents death, said Hungarian Family Minister Katalin Novák. “I take part in many pro-family and pro-life events and what disturbs me deeply is the language issue,” Novák told Breitbart News in…

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