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How Reddit Censors-Out Criticism of Mainstream ‘News’-Media

Eric Zuesse On February 15th, this article appeared at the “Scoop Independent News” site: “N.Y. Times Lies To Say WHO Investigators Dissatisfied W. Chinese Cooperation” America’s mainstream ‘news’ sites, such as the New York Times, routinely lie against countries — such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, pre-coup Ukraine, etc. — that America’s billionaires want to conquer…

N.Y. Times Lies to Say WHO Investigators Dissatisfied w. Chinese Cooperation

Eric Zuesse On February 12th, the New York Times headlined “On W.H.O. Trip, China Refused to Hand Over Important Data” and reported that Chinese scientists refused to share raw data that might bring the world closer to understanding the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, independent investigators for the W.H.O. said on Friday. … Chinese officials…

Are the New York Times and Washington Post Fraudulent?

Eric Zuesse An article by the Moon of Alabama (MoA) blogger, on February 5th, decimated the credibility of two American newspapers in just that one shot. It was aptly headlined “New York Times Editors Lie, Obfuscate Facts, To Reinforce Their False Russia Narrative”. The following commentary will presume the reader has already read it, because…

Fake ‘Trump Administration Accomplishments’

Eric Zuesse Though Britain’s Daily Mail (and others) have noted some of Donald Trump’s lies in his list of “Trump Administration Accomplishments”, the worst lies in that list were ignored, because neither the Democratic Party and Labour Party billionaires nor the Republican Party and Conservative Party billionaires — no billionaires — want the truth to…

Joe Biden’s Climate Czar Gina McCarthy Brings Controversy to the White House

President Elect Joe Biden has picked Gina McCarthy, head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Barack Obama and president of the leftist environmental group National Resources Defense Council, to become his climate czar. The position does not require Senate confirmation, but would have significant impact across the federal government as McCarthy is expected to…

Why Propaganda Is Vital In Upholding The Illusion Of A Democracy

Authored by Cynthia Chung via The Saker blog, “Whenever the government of the United States shall break up, it will probably be in consequence of a false direction having been given to public opinion. This is the weak point of our defenses, and the part to which the enemies of the system will direct all…

The Government’s Case Against Michael Flynn Is Falling Apart

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture On October 17th, a document in the case of USA v. Michael T. Flynn was docketed (placed onto the court’s calendar for consideration), which could free Mr. Flynn, and which might even lead to a transformation of the American criminal-justice system. The legal case against Flynn cannot be…

What Is The Atlantic?

Apart from a rather large stretch of water between North America and Europe, it is a magazine first published way back in 1857. Its four founders included man of letters Ralph Waldo Emerson and the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. With those two heavyweights, it was unsurprisingly primarily a literary magazine. Based initially in Boston, it…

Masking, Propaganda, & The Outrage Mob’s Murder Of Academic Freedom

Via Off-Guardian.org, If you believe in academic freedom, as well as free speech overall, please consider signing this petition, and sharing it with others who believe that higher education must be free from censorship of any kind, whether by the state, corporations, foreign interests, pressure groups, or by the university itself. A full professor in NYU’s…

Gallup: Americans Tend to Trust Only News That Confirms Their Beliefs

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture On September 11th, Gallup headlined “Bias in Others’ News a Greater Concern Than Bias in Own News”, and reported (based upon polling a randomized sample of 20,046 American adults) that: “69% of Americans say they are more concerned about bias in the news other people consume than its…
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