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Police: Rioters Cause $100,000 in Damage in NYC

Eight people were arrested on Friday when a group of 150 rioters smashed windows and vandalized the storefronts of lower Manhattan banks and chain stores in New York City, police said. At least five banks, two Starbucks, and a Duane Reade had their windows smashed in, causing an estimated $100,000 in damage, the New York…

‘The Video Speaks For Itself’: Field Reporter Breaks Down Portland Assault Footage

August 21, 2020 6:36 PM ET Drew Hernandez, the host and producer of the show “Lives Matter,” spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about his reporting in Portland, the Black Lives Matter movement and more. In Portland Sunday night, Adam Haner was allegedly assaulted by Marquise Love, who was recently arrested by police. While…

Portland Teenager Charged For Courthouse Fire

A man has been charged with arson for allegedly setting the Portland federal courthouse on fire Tuesday. 18-year-old Gabriel Agard-Berryhill was identified by social media videos that showed him wearing a green vest and throwing a flaming object into the courthouse, the Department of Justice said in a Friday press release. A product review for…

VIDEO: Hundreds Return to Protest Outside Armed Couple’s Home in St. Louis

Hundreds of protesters returned Friday to the home of the couple who confronted demonstrators with firearms on June 28 in St. Louis, Missouri. “Protesters marched along the busy public boulevard called Kingshighway, which intersects with Portland Place, a private street that is the site of the Renaissance palazzo-style home of Mark McCloskey, 61, and his…

Watch Live: Tensions Rising in D.C. as Protesters, Police Square Off

Black Lives Matter activists are back for another night of protests in Washington, DC, on Tuesday. The crowd has grown since Monday’s protest during which activists tried to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park, as well as establish their own “autonomous” zone, the Black House Autonomous Zone (BHAZ), akin to Seattle’s Capitol Hill…

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Are Rebounding Because ‘Republicans Ran Away’ From Riots And Violence

June 19, 2020 11:02 PM ET Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Friday that the principal reason for recent Democratic Party success is because “Republicans ran away” when faced with the escalating crisis of violence and looting in America’s cities. “You vote for Republicans to protect you from this but when the moment of crisis…

Police Union: Atlanta Police Officers ‘Afraid’ To Do Their Jobs And Then Getting Fired

June 18, 2020 11:11 PM ET The Southeast regional director of the International Brotherhood Of Police Officers Vincent Champion tore into the legal prosecution Thursday that has charged former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe with murder. “We believe that the officer has not been given his due process. We believe this is nothing more but…

Coronavirus not dangerous – if you are a leftist protesting racism [Video]

The United States and much of the world has been in a state of protracted lockdown for the last three months due to the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. The virus has a particulary nasty illness that causes drastic respiratory failure to those who have severe cases, but it also seem to be largely a…

Watch: ‘Disrupt the Peace’ Protesters Take Over NYC Street

Protests over the death of George Floyd continued on Friday as thousands of protesters took to the streets of New York City in an attempt to disrupt traffic and “disturb the peace.” Breitbart News was on the scene in Brooklyn as protesters, who were for the most part peaceful, filled the streets. “We’re gonna stay…

Watch: ‘It’s Absolutely Bullsh*t’ — NY Driver Reacts to George Floyd Protesters Blocking Intersection

A driver in New York City expressed outrage over the results of standstill traffic during a George Floyd protest occurring in Brooklyn on Friday. “Continue filing in,” said one protester with a microphone. “Block every single street. Block every single street.” Protesters took to the streets immediately after being informed to do so, which led…
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