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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

College President Offers To Reimburse Students’ Bail, Fines For ‘Peaceful Protest’

A Minnesota college president offered to cover the fines and bail of students should they be arrested while protesting. Suzanne Rivera, president of Macalester College, initially made the offer in June during the Black Lives Matter protest, saying “conscientious and peaceful refusal to obey certain laws, demands, orders or commands” to foster change “is a…

Looters Beat Police Officer with Stolen Cash Register During DC Protest

Protesters in Washington, D.C. yelled “f**k 12” and took turns beating an officer with a stolen cash register as he lay injured on the ground. “F**k 12” means “f**k the police;” specifically, “f**k the police drug unit.” Looters stole the cash register from a Walgreens store this week. They were rioting after a black man died…

Los Angeles & DC Businesses Brace for Election Day Chaos, Board Up Windows

Businesses throughout major cities in America, particularly in California and Washington D.C., are bracing for what is expected to be a chaotic Election Day full of protests. Bill Melugin, a journalist for Fox 11 Los Angeles, shared photos to Twitter on Thursday that showed concerned business owners boarding up their windows to avoid damage from…

Belarus Police Use Stun Grenades On 100,000 Protesters Demanding President Resign

October 25, 2020 10:34 PM ET Over 100,000 protesters in Minsk, Belarus marched the capital demanding President Alexander Lukashenko’s resignation Sunday. Protesters set an ultimatum: either Lukashenko resigns by midnight, or there would be a national strike, according to Al Jazeera. Police arrived hours before the ultimatum expired. (RELATED: Lawyer For Opposition Leader Kolesnikova Reportedly…

Thailand Shuts Down News Agencies amid Protest ‘Emergency’

Ongoing anti-government protests in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, forced authorities to declare a “severe” state of emergency in the city on October 15. The emergency decree allowed the government to order the shutdown of news agencies supporting the protest movement on October 19. Thailand’s national police ordered that four news agencies and the main student activist…

“Player Protests/Politics” Cited As Driving NBA Finals Ratings Collapse

Ratings for the NBA Finals continue to see a historic collapse. Game 3 of the finals averaged just a 3.1 rating and 5.94 million viewers, making it "the least watched and lowest rated NBA Finals game on record," according to Yahoo Sports. It is the latest chapter in an NBA Finals that has continued to…

Daily Caller Reporters Detained, Repeatedly Hit With Clubs By Police While Reporting On Wisconsin...

Daily Caller reporters Shelby Talcott and Richie McGinniss reported that they were detained and hit repeatedly by police while covering demonstrations in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. “@RichieMcGinniss and I just got detained/almost arrested,” Talcott said on Twitter. “Officers kicked me and hit me with a billy club and repeatedly hit Richie with a club (we were not…

Protesters Met By National Guard In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Protesters in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin were met by the National Guard when demonstrations began Thursday night. Videos showed members of the National Guard and several large vehicles parked in front of the crowd, which gathered around 9:00 p.m. We made it to Wauwasota, WI where protesters have been met by a lot of National Guard members:…

‘We Are Going to War:’ Some Armed Protesters Gather in Louisville Days After Officers...

Louisville, Kentucky, police clashed with hundreds of protesters, some armed, participating in a “peaceful” gathering deemed unlawful by authorities, who dispersed the crowd two hours before the 9 p.m. curfew went into effect using flashbangs, several witnesses and videos revealed via Twitter on Friday night. Friday’s confrontation occurred after the Wednesday shooting to two police officers during…

Hundreds in Boston Take to Streets to Protest Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision

Hundreds of protesters streamed through downtown Boston on Friday night, protesting a grand jury decision on a police officer-involved shooting of Breonna Taylor earlier this year. One video posted on social media showed at least several hundred protesters marching down a street in Boston, with someone on a megaphone shouting, “Say her name!” as others…

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