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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Anti-Vaccine Passport Protests Explode Across France

Large crowds gathered in France to protest the country’s new “COVID pass” mandate. Protests began in mid-July after President Emmanuel Macron announced new coronavirus restrictions, including requiring health care workers to get vaccinated, Reuters reported. Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed Wednesday that “COVID passes” would be required for any activities involving more than 50 people,…

Democrat-Run Cities Burned Last Summer. Now It’s A Summer Of Violence

Democrats welcomed crime last summer when cities burned following the death of George Floyd. Defund the police activists encouraged officials to adopt soft-on-crime policies, and the cities that did so are now being forced to deal with record-high violence and lawlessness. As cities burned during the summer of 2020, Democrats downplayed, dismissed, or outright encouraged…

Child of Cuban Refugees: ‘If Communism Was So Great, Wouldn’t It Sustain Itself?’

A child of Cuban refugees, who joined hundreds outside the White House on Saturday to demand President Joe Biden aid protesters in the island nation, told Breitbart News that those taking to the streets are enduring “unbearable” oppression. “The Cuban people, we’re tired, they’re tired of the communist left, the suppression. The oppression that they…

D.C. Officials Who Authorized BLM Street Sign Order Removal of ‘Cuba Libre’ Words Outside...

Cuban Americans protesting in support of the Cubans calling for an end of communism painted ‘Cuba Libre’ on the street outside of the Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC, on Friday. But the same D.C. officials who not only left the identical kind of street signage for Black Lives Matter in place and, in fact, enshrined…

‘Carpetbagger Katie!’: Protest Turns Violent At Democrat’s Town Hall, Several Get Into Scuffle

Tensions boiled over as protesters threw punches at Democratic California Rep. Katie Porter’s district town hall in Irvine, California, Sunday, leading the representative to intervene in the scuffle. A group of protesters arrived at Porter’s town hall at the Mike Ward Community Park and interrupted her speech chanting “Carpetbagger Katie!” and “Corrupt Katie Porter!” the…

Protest Erupts Following Alleged Penis Exposure By Transgender Woman At Spa

Tensions boiled over Saturday outside of a Los Angeles spa during a protest in response to the alleged exposure of a transgender woman’s penis in an all-woman’s wet spa section. A woman complained to Wi Spa over the alleged exposure of a transgender woman’s genitals in front of women and children in a viral Instagram…

Despite Protests, Biden’s War on Pipelines, Oil and Gas Flowing from Canada to U.S....

Police were called to the Enbridge Inc. Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota earlier this week after protestors shackled themselves to the equipment being used to modernize and expand the infrastructure, in service since 1968, shipping crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to Midwest U.S. refiners. The protesters, mostly white according to photographs accompanying a Reuters report,…

Exclusive – Pro-Israel Rally Attacked in Illinois: ‘Kill the Jews’

A “Walk for Israel” rally in Naperville, Illinois, was disrupted by violent protesters from the “Naperville Protest for Palestine” Sunday. Naperville Police Department allegedly told the pro-Israel group to go home due to safety concerns, as the pro-Palestinian protesters stopped cars, physically attacked the pro-Israel demonstrators, and burned a stolen Israeli flag before. Naperville is a suburb of Chicago and…

POLL: Majority Of Portland Residents Think City Is ‘Very Unsafe’ After Dark, Want More...

Out of 600 Portland residents surveyed, over 50% of them think the city is “very unsafe” after dark and want more police officers on duty, a new poll found.  In response to a question about feeling safe in downtown Portland at night, 53% of respondents stated that they would feel “very unsafe,” a dramatic uptick…

FLASHBACK: Maxine Waters Said Trump Could Start A ‘Civil War,’ Should Be Charged With...

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters has taken criticism in recent days because she joined protests over the police shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, and called for protesters to “stay in the streets” and “get more confrontational” if they felt that justice was not being served. Following her comments, House Minority Leader Kevin…

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