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Saturday, November 28, 2020

How a Wise Decoupling May Be a Good Thing for Both China and the...

From the Strategic Culture Foundation Imagine a bird was led to believe that it was a fish. For a while it might get used to living under water, but it wouldn’t take long before it could sense that something was wrong. If the bird didn’t realize that its nature is to fly and breath the…

Putin prepares for worse case scenario Biden assault on Armenia & Syria

*****News Topic 140***** Putin In Rare Rebuke To Erdogan: Stop Sending Mercenaries To Caucasus Putin In Rare Rebuke To Erdogan: Stop Sending Mercenaries To Caucasus It’s been an ‘open secret’ even making its way into mainstream media in the West that Turkey has been overseeing the transfer of hundreds or possibly thousands of foreign jihadists…

Days of Russia’s CSTO are numbered: Putin’s Article 5 is worthless

It is no secret that the Caucasus has always been a hard to chew piece of land – not only for the Tsar-era Kremlin, but also for the communist-era Kremlin and the “democratic” thug-era Kremlin, despite the fact that for some time now the unyielding mountain men are being propitiated with the carrot, not the…

Putin Wants “Clear Answer” From US On Nuclear Arms Treaty, Offers 1-Year Extension 

At the start of this week it was widely reported that President Trump is seeking a last minute pre-election nuclear deal with Russia given the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) is set to expire by this upcoming February. Russia and the US have held recent talks for its five-year extension in Vienna and Helsinki…

HOLY SMOKES! CNN & Senator Chris Murphy claim Putin to campaign for Trump as...

Ozymandias October 5, 2020 Mr Vladimir Putin is the President of the world’s largest country ,with several time zones,his responsibilities include the welfare and security of his people ,do these Washington idiots think he has time to twiddle his thumbs whilst stroking a white cat trying to ruin America??.,the Americans are quite able to destroy…

Putin ready to take Sputnik Vaccine before he visits South Korea

in Latest, Video by Alex Christoforou October 2, 2020 250 Views 5 Votes 3 Comments ****News Topic 62***** Putin To Be Among First To Receive ‘Controversial’ Sputnik Vaccine Ahead Of S.Korea Visit. https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/putin-will-be-among-first-receive-russias-sputnik-vaccine-ahead-skorea-visit 5 1 vote Article Rating Help us grow. Support The Duran on Patreon! Report The statements, views and opinions expressed in this…

Trump’s Surprising Alaska-Canada Rail Announcement: Might America Join the Polar Silk Road?

On September 26, President Trump announced that a long-overdue project would receive Federal support which involves connecting Alaska for the first time with Canada and the lower 48 states via a 2570 km railway. In his Tweet announcing the project, Trump said: Ever since the days of the sale of Alaska from Russia to the…

Putin To Be Among First To Receive ‘Controversial’ Sputnik Vaccine Ahead Of S.Korea Visit

After previously touting that his own daughter was among the first to take the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, standing in as a prominent early 'guinea pig' of sorts vouching for its safety, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he plans to receive it soon, according to a story in Newsweek on Monday. Without specifying precisely when he…

China reports NO Covid-19 cases. Is the virus a bioweapon? [Video]

Many people are aware of the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracking site and its cool, end-of-the-world looking dark mode maps with all their data about the coronavirus. Here is what it looks like at the time of this writing: No doubt everybody knows the US leads the world in reported cases, but what may be less…

Putin’s Latest TV Interview Addresses Concerns of People in The West

Eric Zuesse An interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin, on Russian television, on August 27th, discusses first the coronavirus, but then mainly international affairs, and especially concerns of the people in Western nations, most especially regarding what is now happening next door to Russia, in Belarus. The interviewer is VGTRK journalist and anchor of Vesti v Subbotu…
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