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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

New Jersey Teacher Suspended After Profane Rant Calling George Floyd A ‘F**king Criminal’

A New Jersey high school teacher was suspended and placed on leave after exploding into a profanity-filled rant during a Zoom lesson in which he referred to George Floyd as a “f**king criminal.” Howard Zlotkin, a landscape and design teacher at Dickinson High School, exploded into a rant during a lesson which started out on…

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Byron Donalds Says America Is ‘Absolutely Not’ A Racist Nation

Republican Florida Rep. Byron Donalds told the Daily Caller’s Brianna Lyman that while America has seen darker days, the U.S. is not a racist country.

This is NOT what Dr Martin Luther King had in mind [Video]

Watch this presentation by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. The parents he reports about did what all of us must do if we are faced with this sort of situation. No racism does NOT mean “black get revenge against whites.” It means “no racism.” No special privileges, and no excuses. This is a Christian notion, and…

An American Samizdat comes to life as Gab grows [Video]

We cannot provide a video directly related to this news piece, perhaps because YouTube would refuse to publish such material. It is dangerous, they would say, and they would go so far as to say that it would “foment racism, hate and bigotry.” But this is all a lie. We are talking about Gab, the newest and…

This is what racism gets us [Video]

Dr Steve Turley nails it here as he discusses the fallout of the “conviction” (rather similar these days to “election”) of Derek Chauvin, who was convicted on all three charges laid against him in the death of George Floyd, a drug-using small-time criminal who resisted arrest to the point that he was restrained on the…

The Wall St. Journal: America is destroying itself from within [Video]

From Inosmi.ru, the Russian website that specializes in telling Russians what people in other lands think of them and their nation, this piece reprinted and translated from The Wall Street Journal. Inosmi picked up this piece, and we can make its original form available to our readers below. It says, very bluntly, what many Americans already know:…

Fr Peter Heers discusses Elder St Paisios’ vaccine prophecy [Video]

A great deal of argument or disagreement currently swirls around regarding COVID-19 and the array of vaccines used for it, as well as the array of treatments. One of my previous reports on this, featuring Dr Ryan Cole, is really making waves: Facebook hides the piece from viewers, trying to head them off any way…

Ayanna Pressley: ‘You Can’t Be Anti-Racist’ If You’re Against Canceling Student Loan Debt

Far-left “Squad” member Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) on Monday suggested it is not possible for an individual to be “anti-racist” if they are against canceling student loan debt. Pressley, who has continued to advocate for eliminating the bulk of student loan debt, tied support for the policy to being “anti-racist.” “You can’t be anti-racist if…

Cher: If They’re No Democrats to Protect America, GOP Will Achieve the Dream of...

Left-wing pop superstar Cher believes Democrats are the only thing standing in the way of the GOP achieving what she says is the party’s “dream of white supremacy,” contending “they bring Jim Crow back” despite the fact that Democrats historically introduced, supported, and championed Jim Crow Laws in the U.S. “’VOTER SUPPRESSION,'” Cher began. “2…

REPORT: Black Student Was Responsible For Racist ‘KKK’ Graffiti Found On College Campus

A black student reportedly is responsible for racist, white-supremacist graffiti found at a Michigan college in early April, M Live reported Thursday. Police in Albion questioned a 21-year-old black male student at Albion College about the graffiti, which included racist epithets and references to the Klu Klux Klan, M Live reported. The student reportedly admitted…
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