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Thursday, February 27, 2020

London Bridge Terrorist Was Released From Prison Early, While Hero Who Fought Jihadis Added...

Last Friday, a radical Islamist named Usman Khan stabbed two people to death on the London Bridge and wounded three others. It has been unearthed that Khan was previously imprisoned for conspiring with eight others to bomb several London landmarks, including the London Stock Exchange, the American embassy, then-Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s house, and…

China Set To Write UN Tech Standard As Video Surfaces Of Chinese Police Interrogation...

Andrew Meyer Posted On December 2, 2019 A recent report has revealed that Chinese tech groups are writing United Nations facial recognition standards. As of today, China has reportedly implemented mandatory face scans for mobile phone users. To obtain a phone number, customers have to record themselves turning their head and blinking, providing China with…

Judge Returns Guns After Seattle Prosecutor Used Red Flag Laws To Seize Firearms Over...

In 2016, Washington became the fourth state to pass what are commonly referred to as red flag laws, which prosecutors use to enforce Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) and seize firearms from law-abiding citizens. Kimberly Wyatt is a King County, Washington, senior deputy prosecutor, and part of a regional unit that enforces ERPO. Using her…

Leftist College Protestors Are Going Crazy

Avi Abelow Posted On November 19, 2019 And it all is connected to their extreme anti-Israel position…anti-Israelism, which is really antisemitism, is today one and the same with anti-Americanism! And it is getting more and more dangerous out there with each passing day. A recent study found that anti-Israel BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) activities on…

New York Governor Mad Online After Proud Boys Hang Banners in NYC

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was extremely mad online after the Proud Boys hung banners in New York City over the weekend. “The Proud Boys banners found in NYC today have been removed and an investigation is ongoing. I have a message for the ‘Bigot Boys’ who skulk around like cowards in the dead of…

Tlaib Under Investigation After Begging Campaign For Personal Money

Far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee amid allegations claiming the freshman Democrat begged her staffers for funds to cover her personal expenses in violation of campaign finance laws. In a slew of text messages and emails publicly disclosed by the House Ethics Committee Thursday, Tlaib, congresswoman famous for promising…

EXCLUSIVE: Jewish Student Harassed at Linda Sarsour Event at Amherst for Protesting Anti-Semitism

Last night, a panel supporting economic warfare on Israel was held at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Fine Arts Center. The panel was the second event at Amherst promoting the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” (BDS) movement against Israel in the last six months. “Many students and members of the UMass community feel deeply upset…

Bette Midler Still Allowed On Twitter After SECOND Call For Violence Against Rand Paul

Bette Midler, who is apparently famous for something in Hollywood, though this reporter knows not what for, and doesn’t believe it to be relevant to this story, is still active on Twitter after a second attack lauding violence against a sitting U.S. senator. “I DO NOT promote violence but… Rand Paul says the Kurds are…

Nazi Democrat Degenerate Congresswoman Never Stops Freaking Us Out

If you thought Rep. Ilhan Omar, the anti-Semitic Minnesota Democrat who married her brother and illegally used campaign funds during an affair with her married campaign manager was sleazy, there’s another far-left freshman Democrat giving scandal-plagued congresswoman a run for her money. Naked pictures of Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), who’s on Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) impeach-Trump…

‘Racist Watch’ Doxxes All Trump Donors

An organization of leftist activists called Public Service Media Group launched a website this week called Racist Watch which is solely devoted to doxxing individuals who have donated to the Trump campaign.   Racist Watch contains a directory and a map search that allows users to see the names and contributions of every Trump donor…

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