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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Judge Contreras | Cocktails, Collusion, And Consequences

Tore Posted On November 15, 2019 Where in the world is Judge Rudolph Contreras? Our sources say that Contreras has been interviewed by both Inspector General Horowitz and another UNNAMED prosecutor assigned to the InterAgency RICO allegations with a dash of Anti-SLAPP. This unnamed prosecutor is investigating all intercommunication between the FISC courts, FBI, CIA,…

Pelosi Must Apologize To Ukraine | Bribery Infers Two Party Crime Per Justice Scalia

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have been changing definitions of words for the past three years at an alarming rate, though the word “bribery” was defined from beyond the grave by Justice Antonin Scalia. When Clinton’s Sec. of Agriculture Espy got busted for EXTORTION, they moved to get him on bribery charges but they…

Somali Clan Gangs Claim Minneapolis Territory And Kill To Defend It

Immediately following the rapid intake and resettling of Somalian refugees, crime in Minneapolis spiked. Abuse of government funding, murders, theft, and a variety of public menacing strongly correlate to predominantly Somali neighborhoods. Those arriving from Somalia are accustomed to gang related behavior since culturally tribal behavior is prevalent between clans. Fights and even murder in…

Obama Plant In The NSA Allowing Ukraine And Democrats To Spy On U.S. Citizens

Would a man nominated by Barack Hussein Obama, who was Deputy IG of the DOJ (Deputy to IG Horowitz), worked as DOJ legal counsel in Ukraine, and offered a job by the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, a good fit for a very important new presidentially-appointed intelligence position? Whatever the answer may be, the Democrats’…

Afghanistan: Pelosi Impairs U.S. Foreign Policy In a Clear Act Of Mutiny

Pelosi and Schiff traveled to Afghanistan to meet with Taliban leaders and President Ghani after they failed to get the King of Jordan to accept their quid pro quo offer. The Pelosi crew gallivanting this past weekend was a waste of taxpayer dollars and served no purpose other than to undermine our president, our nation,…

Secretary Mnuchin Hasn’t Implemented E.O. 13894 In New Jersey And That’s A Problem

On October 14, 2019, while the media distracted the world with rubbish and FAKE news and subsequently fake wars in Kentucky, the President of the United States issued an executive order that has been peddled under the umbrella of sanction, but in actual fact, it’s cracking down on subversive assets and persons of the Muslim…

“Cancel Culture” Has A New Opponent: Elton John

Of all the people who could have possibly come out against “cancel culture,” wherein one is shunned for harboring the “wrong” political opinions or associating with people who harbor such opinions, legendary rockstar Elton John was perhaps not a likely candidate. But that is exactly what John did in an interview with NPR, wherein he…

Could UNION Backed Loan Of $10 MIL By Amalgamated Bank Be Funding New And...

In a recent report on LauraLoomer.us, we introduced to you the questionable practices of Amalgamated Bank that houses almost all UNION contribution accounts and pension funds of hard working Americans and Canadians. The bank itself is unapologetically a Democrat bank that offers “political investment” products. RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Mueller May Have Helped Cover Up Joint Bush-Bin…

EXCLUSIVE: The New BCCI? Democrats Party Exclusive Bank

BCCI 2.0? During our investigation into Epstein’s money, we stumbled upon a bank that seems to be almost identical in operation, obfuscation, and clientele as the notorious BCCI that was chaired by Clark Clifford. Clifford has also worn hats such as National Security Adviser to Truman, White House Counsel, Chairman of Intelligence Advisory Board, and…

DEMOCRAT PLAN: Russia Hoax Isn’t Over Yet, It Was Her Turn

The plan to remove a duly elected president from office because the people of the United States didn’t OBEY what the mainstream media (MSM) told them has relied on them proving that President Donald J. Trump colluded (whatever that means) with the Russians to bring out all of Hillary Clinton’s dirty laundry so that the…

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