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Monday, January 24, 2022

Indian mutation of COVID-19 shutters Moscow, raising questions [Video]

Moscow is under increased restrictions as a new set of lockdowns is gradually rolled out across the city by order of Mayor Sergey Sobyanin. The cause is the Indian strain of COVID-19, which began to make its presence felt in Russia recently, and has now pushed Moscow daily case reports to the highest levels they…

Ted Cruz tries to PREVENT Biden from enacting Vaccine Passports [Video]

This is truly the bonanza year or two for leftists. They got several wonderful gifts starting around January of 2020. They got the novel coronavirus, our all-too-familiar COVID-19. They got civil unrest. They got lockdowns. They already had a massive percentage of the American population thinking they are victims. They have had massive success in…

Biden – Putin Summit: The right thing done in the wrong way? [Video]

Joe Biden is not President of the United States. He may reside in the White House, and he certainly was seen taking the Presidential Oath of Office on January 20th, but his actual personal investment in the Office of the Presidency is null and void. He is there; he seems fairly aware that he is…

COVID INSANITY as a true believer attacks a student [Video]

This is both aggravating and sad. It is sad because what you are about to see is an example of human wreckage brought about by fear of COVID-19 and the constantly whipsawing narrative about what is and what is not safe to do because of this very mild pandemic. It is also a good study…

Russian Orthodox priest puts COVID panic in perspective [Video]

This piece is largely sourced from the Union of Orthodox Journalists. It is likely to hit many readers as an offense. If it does, please read it anyway to absorb the full force of the offense… because it may help you realize that you are being offended by the Truth, and that there is a…

Famous Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias Engaged In Sexual Misconduct, Ministry Says

Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias, who died of cancer earlier this year, has been found responsible for engaging in sexual misconduct against multiple women following an investigation conducted by his former ministry. Zacharias was accused after his death in May of sexually harassing the women at spas over several years. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) released…

Is Eric Lerner A Crank?

How did the Universe begin? There are basically two answers to that question: the mystical one, and the scientific one. The mystical one goes something like this: In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. All Creation myths are variations on this, namely a Supreme Being starting the clock. The scientific version is…

Christians revolt against lockdown restrictions, with a regrettable exception [Video]

As the coronavirus wave slowly winds down in Russia, many of our Orthodox Christian churches and monasteries are open again. In large part, at least according to my own observations, one can walk into a church and see two-meter spacing marks on the floor (we stand throughout our services), and in one temple the priest…

Obama Refers to Unrest as ‘Great Awakening’

Jonathan Edwards (Henry Augustus Loop / Wikimedia Commons) Former President Barack Obama referred to the ongoing unrest around the country, associated with the Black Lives Matter protests, as a “Great Awakening” in his remarks to a fundraiser for former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday. NEW: Obama, speaking at a Biden fundraiser, comes out swinging…

Are the COVID related Church closures a mistake? – Part I

One of the most peculiar characteristics of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on all of us is the massive campaign of social distancing that has led to the closures of churches or “skeleton crew” Christian religious services currently being practiced all across the world. At first when churches began closing in Washington State, they…

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