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70% Of Republicans Say Election ‘Was Not Free And Fair’

A vast majority of Republicans - 70% - believe the 2020 election was not 'free and fair,' according to a new poll by Morning Consult. Broken down further, 48% of Republicans polled say the election was "definitely" not free and fair, while 22% say it "probably" was not - over twice the percentage of Republicans…

Poll: 70% of Republicans Say 2020 Election Was Neither Free, Nor Fair

A new poll suggests that 70% of Republicans believe the 2020 election was neither free, nor fair. The poll of 1,987 registered voters, conducted by Morning Consult and Politico, began before Election Day, though most interviews were done afterward. A majority of both Democrats and Republicans appear to have believed the election would be free and fair…

Is this a real election or a coup? MSM rendered useless [Video]

The Democrats said months out for Joe Biden not to concede the election under any circumstances. Nancy Pelosi said that it is an absolute certainty that Joe Biden will be inagurated President in January. The Pennsylvania Attorney General said Biden would win that state no matter what the vote tallies say. It appears that these…

McCarthy: Trump ‘Expanded This Party’ and Helped Us Gain in the House

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Daily Briefing,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) discussed Republican gains in the House of Representatives and stated that he gives President Donald Trump a great amount of credit for helping to expand the GOP. McCarthy said, “We’re going to have more women Republicans in Congress in…

The Refusal of Democrats & Republicans to Face Political Reality

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture Almost all of America’s Democratic and Republican voters are simply closed-minded, and refuse to acknowledge that each of this nation’s two political Parties is controlled by its billionaires and is profoundly corrupt, not allowing any progressive legislation (but only conservative and liberal legislation, which is backed by billionaires)…

The Highest Covid-Infection-Rate States

Eric Zuesse Rates shown are cases per million inhabitants on 31 October 2020 State, # (2016 Presidential winner) —— 1. North Dakota, 57,628 (Trump) 2. South Dakota, 50,369 (Trump) 3. Mississippi, 40,374 (Trump) 4. Iowa, 40,366 (Trump) 5. Alabama, 39,216 (Trump) 6. Louisiana, 39,208 (Trump) 7. Tennessee, 37,997 (Trump) 8. Wisconsin, 37,801 (Trump) 9. Florida,…

Who endorses whom? A list of who is supporting the candidates.

The following lists are lifted from Wikipedia.org, which tracks endorsements for both candidates. Some of these will be quite interesting. We wish to concentrate here on external (international) endorsements, those of organized unions, a. However, we will note exceptions for both sides. As noted in the subheading, the Trump list includes a substantial list of…

When CNN starts blasting Democrats, you know something is up [Video]

VP Joe Biden recently is on record for saying the American people do not deserve to know what Mr. Biden plans to do about the Supreme Court. Out of context? Maybe, but also… maybe not. He still responded exactly thus: Anger. Defiance. Or is this something else: perhaps the cries of a cornered animal? Mr. Biden…

Report: Democrat policies may have caused thousands of COVID-19 deaths [Video]

Trump Derangement Syndrome is deadly. We all knew this, but a new report from US Representative Steve Scalise (R-La.) boldly states that the policy moves made by President Trump probably saved hundreds of thousands of lives. This flies in the face of Democrat accusations of poor planning and their effort to finger the President for…

Kamala Harris exposes Democrat revolutionary motives [Video]

Four years ago, not even the most liberal, Marxist candidate would have praised leftist violence. He or she would have tried to look for the “legit” side of such action, but they would have never endorsed it. But now, we have precisely this kind of rhetoric, only thinly masked. (and not with a COVID mask…
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