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Thursday, August 18, 2022

The American Revolution – The Sequel

Authored by Jeff Thomas via InternationalMan.com, The US is the most observed country in the world. Since it’s the world’s current empire (and since it is beginning its death throes as an empire), it’s fascinating to watch. Those of us outside of the US watch it like Americans watch TV. It’s like a slow-motion car…

Kamala Harris exposes Democrat revolutionary motives [Video]

Four years ago, not even the most liberal, Marxist candidate would have praised leftist violence. He or she would have tried to look for the “legit” side of such action, but they would have never endorsed it. But now, we have precisely this kind of rhetoric, only thinly masked. (and not with a COVID mask…

Revolution 2020: How Did We Get Here… And How Will It End?

Authored by Angelo Codevilla via The American Mind, Understanding what drives the revolution that is destroying the American republic gives insight into how the 2020 election’s results may impact its course. Its practical question - who rules? - is historically familiar. But any revolution’s quarrels and stakes obscure the question: to what end? Our revolution is by…

Libs threaten violence if new Justice is nominated. Typical. [Video]

“If you don’t give me what I want, I will kill myelf!”, says the kid screaming at his parents over not having the keys to the car. He wants to go out and party with his friends, and his parents are not having it. It is Thursday, a school night, and he is to be…

Biden’s tepid request that riots stop motivated by pure Marxism [Video]

One of the characteristics of Marxism is that people as individuals have no value. The Marxist dream is of a perfect state, everything running in an orderly fashion. The successful maintenance of the State theoretically translates to a Utopian life for its people. However, to quote from Tom Clancy, in the thoughts of his character, Marko…

Revolution Redux: How A Movement For Reform Is Becoming A Platform For Radicalism

Authored by Jonathan Turley, Below is an updated version of my column in The Hill newspaper on how the discussion of reforms following the killing of George Floyd has been increasingly overtaken by the most radical elements in politics and commentary.  The atmosphere is strikingly similar for those familiar with history and specifically the course…

Some Idaho residents prepare for the Second American Civil War

The “liberal versus conservative” political polarization has been on a massive increase over the last three decades in the United States. Where there used to be dispassionate policy discussions, debate and often some sort of compromise over policy decisions based in ideological theories, now, people of differing political viewpoints appear to be more and more…

‘This Is A Revolution’: Bannon And Navarro Discuss China, Economic Nationalism, And 2020 Outlook

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro sat down with Steve Bannon last weekend for a deep dive on how the Trump administration is reviving America's manufacturing base after "a combination of NAFTA and China basically gutted this country," as well as Navarro's predictions for 2020.  For those who need to be brought up to speed…

Noonan: What Were Robespierre’s Pronouns?

Skip to content French Revolution was led by sociopaths who politicized language, much like today’s Jacobins We often make historical parallels here. History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme, as clever people say. And sometimes it hiccups. Here is a hiccup.We start with the moral and political catastrophe that was the French Revolution. It…

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