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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Exclusive– Richard Grenell on Trump: ‘He Doesn’t Play Identity Politics’

Richard Grenell, the former Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, told Breitbart News this weekend that President Donald Trump making him the first openly gay cabinet member in U.S. history has nothing to do with “identity politics” and simply reflected that the president picks the most effective people…

Serbia-Kosovo summit, Soros and color revolutions (Video)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the scheduled White House meeting between Serbian leaders and leaders from the breakaway province of Kosovo. Support Free Speech: Subscribe to The Duran on YouTube – Find us on BitChute. The Duran Audio Podcast:Follow on Soundcloud – Subscribe on iTunes. Via RT… Hosting the leaders of Serbia and its breakaway…

‘It’s What DC Types Do’: Grenell Has A Theory For Why Mattis Turned On...

June 08, 2020 10:03 PM ET Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell discussed his time as the acting Director of National Intelligence with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Before introducing his guest on Monday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson noted that Grenell had “declassified documents we should have seen much earlier,…

Judge Sullivan – Adam Schiff CLOWN SHOW continues (Video)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the Russiagate, turned Obamagate, clown show that continues to stumble on courtesy of Ukraine Oligarch-funded Adam Schiff and Obama-backed Judge Emmet Sullivan. Support Free Speech: Subscribe to The Duran on YouTube – Find us on BitChute. The Duran Audio Podcast:Follow on Soundcloud – Subscribe on iTunes. Via The Hill… Acting…

Grenell Declassifies Document Said To Be ‘Very Significant’ To Origins Of Russia Probe

As one of his last acts in office, Richard Grenell, the outgoing director of national intelligence, declassified a batch of Trump-Russia documents, including one that a senior U.S. intelligence official said is “very significant” to the origins of the Russia probe. Grenell also declassified transcripts of December 2016 phone calls between Michael Flynn and former…

Acting DNI Grenell Declassifies Susan Rice Email on January 2017 WH Meeting

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has fully-declassified an email that former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice emailed to herself hours before leaving the White House on January 20, 2017. Grenell’s move was first reported Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal‘s Kimberley Strassel and confirmed by Breitbart News. Rice sent herself an email…

Report: Grenell Wants To Unmask The Obama Officials Who Unmasked Michael Flynn

Richard Grenell, the acting director of national intelligence, visited the Justice Department last week seeking to declassify documents related to Obama administration officials’ unmasking of Michael Flynn in transcripts of phone calls he had with Russia’s ambassador, ABC News is reporting. Grenell is asking the Justice Department to declassify a list of names of officials…

Adam Schiff’s Russiagate house of cards comes crumbling down (Video)

HawaiiguyDoesn’t matter, he won’t resign, won’t get indicted, and hell probably get reelected as nobody gives a crap beyond texting and bellowing to nobody in particular. This country is broken and it’ll stay that way until the internet is taken down, then maybe people wake up and grab the pitch forks.Vote Up0Vote Down  ReplyMay 8,…

Ed Henry Says Documents Richard Grenell Just Delivered To William Barr May Have Adam...

Fox News anchor Ed Henry speculated that Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff “may be even more panicked” over the fact that acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell was spotted personally delivering a satchel full of documents to Attorney General William Barr on Thursday. On the same day that the House Intelligence Committee released more…

Lee Smith: Washington Post’s Russiagate Conspiracists Now Lying About Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus

News media figures advancing “Trump-Russia collusion” narratives are now spreading misinformation about President Donald Trump and the coronavirus outbreak as part of a “permanent coup,” observed Lee Smith, author of The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History, in a Tuesday interview on…
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