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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Mass Rioting And Looting In Philadelphia Following Police Shooting

Mass looting and rioting began Tuesday night in Philadelphia, marking the second night of riots following the Monday death of Walter Wallace Jr. A video taken by Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott showed looters raiding a Five Below store. Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer was beaten by rioters because he was filming inside the store. The…

National Guard Deployed In Philadelphia After Night Of Riots

The Pennsylvania National Guard has been deployed in Philadelphia after a night of rioting Monday. “At the request of Philadelphia County, the Pennsylvania National Guard is staffing several hundred members in Philadelphia to protect the right to peacefully assemble and protest while keeping people safe,” the Philadelphia National Guard said according to CBS Philadephia. (RELATED:…

Protesters Begin Looting and Attacking Vehicles in Philadelphia

Rioters in Philadelphia begin looting and vandalizing random vehicles Monday night. The riots followed the shooting of an armed Black man who chased officers with a knife. Protests are turning violent in multiple parts of the city after two police officers were forced to defend themselves from a man wielding a knife during a domestic…

Protesters Attack Police, Burn Police Cruiser in Philadelphia

Rioters in Philadelphia attacked police officers and set a police cruiser on fire following the shooting of an armed black man. Two police officers shot the man after he chased them around a car with a knife and refused to drop the weapon. Protests are turning violent in multiple parts of the City of Brotherly…

Blue State Blues: Nine Things to Vote Against

America learned this week that members of the “intelligence community” are working with social media companies to shut down speech associated with “populist movements,” whatever that means. And the worst part it is that our media love it. It struck me, listening to an Axios media reporter praise the “defense systems” that prevented a story…

Former NYPD Commissioner: Democrats Gave Their Cities to Domestic Terrorists

Democrat mayors and city councils have surrendered America’s largest cities to “domestic terrorists,” said Howard Safir, former New York City police commissioner and fire commissioner, offering his remarks on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. Safir said, “It’s the Democratic cities who have basically ceded their cities to what got…

WATCH: Rioters Topple Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt Statues in Portland; Museum Windows Smashed

Rioters toppled statues of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday night — the latest attacks on monuments in several months of left-wing unrest. Statue being pulled down a bit ago, posted by this account, which seems to be Tracy Molina. https://t.co/h6xrGqOOtk #Portland pic.twitter.com/Z4vPsGdnht — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) October 12, 2020…

Daily Caller Reporters Detained, Repeatedly Hit With Clubs By Police While Reporting On Wisconsin...

Daily Caller reporters Shelby Talcott and Richie McGinniss reported that they were detained and hit repeatedly by police while covering demonstrations in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. “@RichieMcGinniss and I just got detained/almost arrested,” Talcott said on Twitter. “Officers kicked me and hit me with a billy club and repeatedly hit Richie with a club (we were not…

Protesters Met By National Guard In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Protesters in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin were met by the National Guard when demonstrations began Thursday night. Videos showed members of the National Guard and several large vehicles parked in front of the crowd, which gathered around 9:00 p.m. We made it to Wauwasota, WI where protesters have been met by a lot of National Guard members:…

Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Kellyanne Conway Backs Riots (Again)

CLAIM: Joe Biden claimed that Kellyane Conway supported riots, saying they were good for President Donald Trump, politically. VERDICT: FALSE. Biden has repeatedly lied about what Conway said. Biden used this false claim in the first presidential debate on Tuesday night. He has used it before. As Breitbart News has noted in previous fact checks:…

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