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Poll: 56% Americans Say They Are Better Off Now Under Trump Than Four Years...

A solid majority of 56 percent of Americans say they are better off now than they were four years ago, a new Gallup survey reveals. Only 32 percent say they are worse off than four years ago. The number is, as Fox News’s Laura Ingraham noted on Thursday night, “the highest Gallup has ever recorded.”…

Democrats Picking Kamala Harris Gifted A Trump Landslide, This Is Reagan’s Landslide All Over...

Democrats Picking Kamala Harris Gifted A Trump Landslide, This Is Reagan’s Landslide All Over Again. Democrats have chosen a female VP likening this race to Mondale Ferraro.For those to young to remember (or to have even been alive when it happened) Ronald Reagan mopped the flood with Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro in a 49…

Republicans Rally Around the Trump Economy

Donald Trump likes to say this is the greatest economy of all time. Republicans consumers agree. The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index rose in January to 99.8, close to record highs. But consumer sentiment among Republicans is much higher, registering 125.9 on the University of Michigan’s index. That is one of the highest scores…

Ronald Reagan’s 1985 Thanksgiving Address: ‘Thank God for the Bounty and Goodness of our...

Former President Ronald Reagan delivered a memorable Thanksgiving address in 1985, with his words continuing to ring true 34 years later. The 40th president delivered brief remarks on the cherished holiday, urging Americans to thank God for the liberty they enjoy in the United States. “You know, the Statue of Liberty and this wonderful holiday…

US Embassy In Berlin, Germany, Says It Will Build Statue For Former President Ronald...

November 06, 2019 5:20 PM ET The U.S. Embassy in Berlin plans to unveil a seven-foot tall statue of former President Ronald Reagan on Saturday. The embassy commissioned the statue after years of hoping Berlin officials would erect one themselves, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. It was Reagan on June 12, 1987, pointing to…

Bizarre: Gilroy Shooter Has Connection to Ronald Reagan

This post first appeared on my website, The Rundown News. In the bizarre-but-true category, it turns out that the adoptive great grandfather of Santino William Legan, the 19-year-old who killed three and wounded 11 more at the Gilroy Garlic Festival Sunday night, is Hollywood actor William Holden, who was the best man at Ronald Reagan’s…
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