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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

RNC Building ‘Army’ of GOP Poll Workers After Decades-Long Court-Ordered Hiatus

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is ramping up Republican presence at the polls this year by enlisting thousands of poll workers ahead of the midterms, an operation it legally could not run for nearly 40 years prior to 2018. The committee is using this week specifically — the week of “Poll Worker Recruitment Day,” which…

RNC Warns Against Democrat Election Reform: ‘Freedom to Cheat Act’ Will ‘Eviscerate’ Voter ID...

Republican leaders warned against the latest Democrat push for federal election reform on Tuesday, pointing specifically to bill measures about voter ID and same-day voter registration. Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) ripped into the federal election reform proposals pending before Congress during a call…

RNC Challenges Joe Biden to Prove He Has Visited Southern Border Even Once in...

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is challenging President Joe Biden to prove he has visited the Southern Border even once in the last decade, including while he was vice president. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted that her research team at the RNC did not find any example from that Biden visited the border at least…

Republicans Say Biden ‘Bows To China’ After UN Speech

Republicans accused President Joe Biden of being weak towards China after his first address to the United Nations General Assembly as leader of the U.S.“Joe Biden failed to even utter our greatest national security threat by name today: China,” former UN ambassador Nikki Haley told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement. “While he…

Republicans Blast General Milley for Speaking with Communist China Behind Trump’s Back

Republicans blasted General Mark Milley for reportedly speaking with his Communist Chinese counterpart behind former President Trump’s back to improve the “mutual understanding” between the countries. “This isn’t even remotely close to a denial from Milley,” Trump Jr. said about Milley’s excuse. “It’s basically a full throttle defense of his potentially treasonous actions. He needs…

WATCH: GOP Blasts Dems in Ad About MLB Removing All-Star Game from Atlanta

The Republican National Committee has just released a new ad blasting the Democrat Party for supporting Major League Baseball’s efforts to remove its All-Star Game from Atlanta over the state’s new voting integrity laws. MLB decided to move the game from Atlanta to Denver in April after Democrats led by Joe Biden launched a campaign…

Exclusive — Ronna McDaniel: Numbers Don’t Lie. The American People Want Election Integrity

Samuel Corum/Getty Images In order for our democratic process to work, Americans must have widespread faith and confidence that our elections are free, fair, and transparent. Voters exercising their most sacred constitutional right deserve to feel confident that their ballot is secure. That’s why the Republican National Committee (RNC) is engaged in a large-scale effort…

CNN’s Tapper: Republican Party Pushes ‘Made-Up Convoluted Crap’

During the Sunday broadcast of “State of the Union,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper accused Republicans of pushing “made-up convoluted crap.” Tapper said, “Facts and truth often get beaten up on their way to you. There is context, spin and narrative and people make mistakes. But I want to talk about the notion of downright falsehoods,…

Ronna McDaniel, George Stephanopoulos Clash Over Trump’s ‘Lock Her Up’ Rally Chant About Whitmer

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel clashed with ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos over chants of “lock her up” at a rally for President Donald Trump in Michigan. A Saturday Trump rally in Muskegon, Michigan erupted in chants of “lock her up!” after the president criticized Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s lockdowns. Whitmer later blamed such…

All the People in the White House Orbit Who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

The coronavirus has hit a growing number of figures in President Donald Trump’s White House orbit, with potential links to recent campaign events, the first presidential debate, and the Rose Garden nomination ceremony of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. In addition to President Trump and First lady Melania, other people to test…
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