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Rudy Giuliani No Longer Donald Trump’s Personal Lawyer

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is no longer a lawyer for former President Donald Trump, an aide confirmed Tuesday. Spokesman Jason Miller told the Daily Mail that Giuliani was no longer representing Trump in legal matters. Miller said that Giuliani remained a friend of the president. “The mayor remains an ally and a…

Michigan Woman Who Gave Viral Testimony During Voter Fraud Hearing Running For State Office

February 09, 2021 5:52 PM ET Melissa Carone, the Michigan woman whose testimony during an election fraud hearing went viral, plans to run for a seat in Michigan’s House of Representatives. Carone claims about widespread voter fraud were spoofed by Saturday Night Live, and after her testimony, she clarified that she was not drunk while…

Giuliani Says Trump Owes It To MAGA Movement To Declassify Everything

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said President Donald Trump owes it to his supporters to declassify everything before he leaves office. Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, told former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on a podcast Friday that the president ought to go on a reclassification spree because there’s “no longer any reason to…

Rudy Giuliani makes voter fraud case, new evidence reported DURING hearing [Video]

The mainstream media is lying to all of us. Everybody, including especially Fox News is liable for the Grand Hoax being perpetrated upon the American people. We offer here the hearing that took place before the Georgia Senate Subcommittee on Tuesday, December 30th, offered by former New York Mayor and now personal attorney of President…

The 12th Amendment and Trump’s last chance to win [Video]

A big event is planned for January 6th. It might be the closing gathering of massive numbers of Trump supporters, or the vanguard of troops for the Second American Civil War. We know rather little about the actual nature of the gathering, only that January 6th is the day that the Electoral College vote gets…

Rudy Giuliani gives us significant information about the election crisis [Video]

The News Media Blackout has done great damage to the ability of average Americans (and even news junkies like myself) to get real and useful information about what is going on. In this fiercely contested election of 2020, President Trump has still not conceded defeat, and he still seems to believe that there is a way…

Giuliani Says Trump Team ‘Not Finished’ After Supreme Court Defeat

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, said Friday on Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield” that the president’s legal team will continue filing lawsuits even after the Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit by Texas, which was backed by 17 other states and 126 House Republicans, to overturn the election results in four swing states. Giuliani said, “The case wasn’t rejected…

Report: DOJ Opened Separate Probe into Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Dealings

The Department of Justice began investigating Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings earlier this year after receiving information from President Donald Trump’s attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, according to a new report. The New York Times reported on Friday that Attorney General William Barr directed the United States Attorney for the Western District…

“Maybe next time” offered by States hearing Trump Challenge [Video]

The legal team representing the challenge Donald Trump has put forward about the strongly-evident fraud that was targeted and well-organized by the Democrats has been very successful in making its case everywhere they are heard. We first saw this in Pennsylvania, and again in Arizona and more recently still in Michigan. The witness testimonies are…

President Trump’s case advances in multiple states as Fraud allegations hit home [Video]

The GOP legislators in Pennsylvania are crafting a resolution to take back the authority granted them by the Federal Constitution to select and seat that state’s electors. This means that the GOP can pick people that will be likely to cast their 20 electoral votes largely, or entirely, for President Trump’s reelection. This move came…

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