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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Russian Fighter Jets Intercept US Spy Plane Over Sea Of Japan 

Russia's defense ministry (MoD) announced that on Saturday its Su-35 and MiG-31 fighter jets intercepted a US spy plain over the Sea of Japan. "On 11 July, the Russian airspace surveillance identified an air target over the neutral waters of the Sea of ​​Japan [East Sea], flying in the direction of the state border of the Russian…

Advanced Russian Radar System Discovered Near Israeli Border: Report

Via AlMasdarNews.com, A Russian publication reported this week that the Russian Armed Forces have deployed their Resonance radar system in an area near the Israeli border. According to the NZIV publication, the Russian Resonance radar was identified in two locations in the eastern Mediterranean region, including an area along the Israeli-Egyptian border. Last year, the…

Get Russian…

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via Medium.com, Dissent is Russian, or haven’t you heard? Dissent is Russian. Peace activism is Russian. Exposing war crimes is Russian. Inconveniencing Democrats is Russian. Tara Reade? Russian. Julian Assange? Russian. Jill Stein? Russian. Tulsi Gabbard? Russian. Russia? You bet your sweet ass that’s Russian. Conspiracy theories are Russian. Alternative media…

Beware The Russian Disinformation Trope

Authored by Thomas Farnan via TheNationalPulse.com, Last week, the DOJ declassified three footnotes in the Inspector General’s FISA report. They showed the FBI knew Christopher Steele had associations with shady Russian oligarchs and that somebody - whose identity is redacted - suggested in 2017 that parts of the dossier may have included Russian disinformation. Some responded as…

Russian Oil Firm Could Sign Fuel-For-Diamonds Deal In This African Nation

Authored by Tsvetana Paraskova via OilPrice.com, Russian oil firm Tatneft could strike a deal with Zimbabwe to supply fuel to the crisis-stricken African country in exchange for diamonds, the Zimbabwe Independent reported on Friday, describing the potential deal as ‘murky’ because Zimbabwe’s Minister of Mining, Winston Chitando, told the news outlet that he was not aware of…

Russian Hypersonic Nuclear Weapon That Can Travel 27 Times The Speed Of Sound Is...

It's official: exactly one year after Putin oversaw the final test of Russia's most advanced hypersonic weapon, on Friday a the intercontinental weapon that can fly 27 times the speed of sound became operational, Russia’s defense minister reported to President Vladimir Putin, bolstering the country’s unprecedented nuclear strike capability, one which the US has yet…

Russian ‘Agent’ Maria Butina Freed From Prison, Leaves US For Moscow

Convicted Russian agent Maria Butina was released from a Florida prison on Friday and embarked on a 13-hour plane ride back to Russia. Butina served an 18-month sentence for conspiring to act as an unregistered agent for the Kremlin to influence US conservative gun-rights group, reported Reuters. Butina, 31, was released early Friday from prison in…

Mass Shooting At Russian Base In Far East Leaves 8 Soldiers Dead

A rare and major incident has occurred at a Russian military base in far eastern Siberia. A Russian soldier has shot dead eight of his fellow servicemen in an apparent mass killing rampage. According to official statements in TASS, two among the dead are officers and an additional two survived with gunshot wounds but remain in…
“ghost-town”-–-russian-crew-films-hastily-abandoned us-base-in-syria-as-turks-move-in

“Ghost Town” – Russian Crew Films Hastily-Abandoned US Base In Syria As Turks Move In

While limited groups of Turkish infantry forward deployments have crossed into northeast Syria, seeking to move US-allied Kurdish forces away from its border, as Bloomberg reported this morning, we now have the first on the ground visual confirmation of a US troop exit from key border posts.  A Russian film crew with RT appears to have gained access to the…

Russian Mercenaries Headed By “Putin’s Chef” Fighting In Libya: Report

Russian mercenaries are reportedly on the ground in Libya — already in a crowded proxy battlefield given UAE and Turkish presence as well — supporting renegade general Khalifa Haftar and his longtime offensive to secure the capital of Tripoli against the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA). Bloomberg reports of Haftar's newly hired security contractors:  More than 100 mercenaries from…
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