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Friday, July 30, 2021

HOOBER: “Game Of Thrones” And Tax Stamps

By Sam Hoober Federal law (and the BATFE, who enforces it) creates a number of arbitrary and pointless regulations on certain classes of firearms that aren’t popular with the gun-owning public. Specifically, tax stamps on short-barreled rifles, suppressors and transferables. In recent years, a lot of people have advocated for non-compliance with these regulations. Don’t…

Hoober: An Ever So Slight Reappraisal Of The “Truck Gun” Concept

By Sam Hoober Before we go any further, the “truck gun” is by and large a bad concept. It’s usefulness is too narrow, too constrained, far too specific to really be a worthy investment. A concealed carry pistol, kept on one’s person, is almost always a better idea. The gun you have on you is…

Hoober: What If There Were No More AR-15s?

By Sam Hoober Let’s assume for a moment that there’s a new assault weapons ban or that you live in a state that is dead-set on keeping AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles out of civilian hands. What are some viable options for a fightin’ rifle for defending yourself in case you can’t get an AR…

Hoober: Besides A Gun This Is The Most Important Thing You Need For Open...

By Sam Hoober By now, there’s enough evidence to confirm that openly carrying a gun can make you a target for a gun grab. Therefore, if you want to open carry, it’s up to you to manage that risk. How that’s done is with an active retention holster. While alarmists in comments sections and social…

Hoober: The Instances In Which It Might Be The Gun

By Sam Hoober Most of the time, meaning almost all of the time, poor marksmanship is the fault of the shooter not the gun. They made a mistake or just haven’t put in enough practice to get good yet. Thousands, if not millions, of innocent guns get blamed every year for the misdeeds of the…

Hoober: Long Ago Gun Control Really Was About Gun Deaths

By Sam Hoober,  Alien Gear Holsters Every time a new gun control bill is proposed, the same messaging about reducing the epidemic of gun deaths or gun violence is employed. And it’s always disingenuous. Maybe the people proposing it really think so, but when has a gun control law even been adjacent to a real…

CCW Weekend: Fudd Ranges And Why Public Lands Are So Important

By Sam Hoober,  Alien Gear Holsters Where you shoot matters. For the total newbie that’s arming themselves for their own defense, completely new to guns or concealed carry, it’s actually important to find somewhere that will help you develop the necessary skills with a gun to put rounds on target when it really matters. So,…

CCW Weekend: Pros And Cons Of Weapon Mounted Light Vs. Flashlight

By Sam Hoober,  Alien Gear Holsters By now, everyone knows you need to be able to identify a potential threat. The question is should you add a weapon-mounted light to your carry gun or just carry a flashlight? Newbies or even experienced gun owners can find themselves in the position of wondering which is better…

CCW Weekend: Gun Lore Explored – Can You Use Motor Oil As Gun Lubricant?

By Sam Hoober,  Alien Gear Holsters And now for something completely different. Something you might have heard from time to time is that motor oil can be used as a gun lubricant. Some say it’s better than most gun oils, some say it’s roughly equivalent, and some insist it’s all they use. How true is…

CCW Weekend: Airsoft Vs Lasers – Alternative Training Methods Compared For When You Can’t...

By Sam Hoober,  Alien Gear Holsters Bad news: the ammunition shortage isn’t going away until at least next year at the soonest, and that’s being pretty darn optimistic. At the end of 2020, Hornady was reporting 3 years’ worth of orders to fill. In November of that year, Vista Outdoors – Vista owns Federal, Speer…

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