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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

HOOBER: Wins Behind The Blue State Lines

By Sam HooberOccasionally, it’s good to show off a win. While much of this column has been used to show what not to do, what people do wrong, etc., sometimes it’s good to highlight when something goes right. And sometimes things go right in states that are known for being downright hostile to lawful citizens…

HOOBER Axis Of Idiots: “How To Persuade Americans To Give Up Their Guns”

There’s a presumption that people who go to elite East coast schools and rise to positions of prominence in government do so by merit. After all, they’re smarter and better and therefore should be the people in charge. Well, David Frum has proven that wrong. Frum, if you recall, was a speechwriter for the George…

HOOBER: Big News In Ammunition

By Sam Hoober There were two big pieces of news as far as ammunition manufacturing is concerned, one of which you might have heard about and another that flew well and truly under the radar but is well worth knowing about. As we all know, our ability to shoot depends on our ability to keep…

HOOBER: Do You Think He’s Compensating For Something?

By Sam Hoober Springfield Armory is one of the few companies that is selling a factory pistol with a compensator, the Hellcat RDP (or Rapid Defense Package) which a number of people have a number of opinions about. Heretofore, compensators have largely been the domain of sport shooting. When the “Roland Special” Glock entered popular…

HOOBER: There’s Probably A Word In German For That – ATF Bans A Trigger...

By Sam Hoober You know how there are words in German for specific ideas or feelings that English doesn’t? Like schadenfreude. “Shameful joy,” feeling happy about something you shouldn’t, such as someone else’s misery. Or treppenwitz, which is where you think of a snappy comeback after the fact. The best thing you could say in…

HOOBER: “But The Israelis Do It” And Other Failures Of Critical Thinking

By Sam Hoober Critical thinking is one of the most underrated skills that a person can develop, whether it has to do with concealed carry/self defense or hell, life itself. If you do something, you want to think about why you do it. If you don’t have a good reason for it, then you shouldn’t…

Hoober: Thick As A Brick AKA Improvised Weapons

By Sam Hoober A recent incident in Texas highlights the value of improvised weapons in the right situation. It’s the craftsman and not the tool, or whatever cliché you want to use there. It’s the same old trope, but darned if there isn’t something to it. The point isn’t just to consider that you may…

Hoober: Practicing Single-Hand Shooting

By Sam Hoober If you really want to see where your deficiencies are, shoot one-handed. Strong-hand only or weak-hand only shooting, even if it’s just target shooting rather than practical shooting (ie not coming out of the holster) is going to reveal how much your support hand is compensating. If you haven’t done much SHO/WHO…

HOOBER: Exceptions To The Rules That We Don’t Always Talk About

By Sam Hoober There are a number of “rules” for guns, gear, shooting, concealed carry and everything related to it which we are exhorted to follow. Usually the “rules” exist for good reason. For instance, pocket carry without a pocket holster is verboten (and stupid) because you’re liable to have an accidental/negligent discharge. That’s a…

HOOBER: To Be Or Not To Be A Good Samaritan, That Is The Question

By Sam Hoober To intervene or not to intervene, that is the question. There’s no right answer; the idea here is not to persuade anyone to one side or another. The idea instead is to think about what you think about being a “Good Samaritan.” If something is happening around me, will I get involved…
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