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Connecticut: David X. Sullivan — ‘I’m a Rule of Law Candidate’

Republican David X. Sullivan says he wants voters in the fifth district of Connecticut to know he sees a marked difference between peaceful protests and the rioting and killing happening in many cities across the nation as he challenges Joe Biden surrogate Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-CT). “I’m a ‘rule of law’ candidate,” Sullivan told Breitbart…

Joe Biden Fights Science: ‘Just Plain Dangerous’ for Children to Return to School

Presumptive Democrat 2020 nominee Joe Biden tweeted Friday it’s “just plain dangerous” for American children to return to school this fall, a statement that goes against the “science” as explained by a number of physicians. “Everyone wants our schools to reopen,” Biden tweeted. “The question is how to make it safe and how to make…

‘School Choice Is An Answer That Gives Kids Opportunities Now’: Kevin Nicholson Weighs In...

July 08, 2020 11:15 PM ET Kevin Nicholson, CEO and President of No Better Friend Corp., spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about a recent SCOTUS ruling in favor of school choice, concerns over returning to school and more. Nicholson explained how school choice gained traction in 1990 under the guidance of then-Wisconsin Governor…

Tulsi Gabbard Praises School Choice, Charter Schools

December 28, 2019 3:58 PM ET Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard praised school choice while discussing her education policy Thursday in New Hampshire. “I think school choice is important,” Gabbard said in a video clip posted by progressive activist Lauren Steiner. The long-shot Democratic presidential candidate then went on to praise examples of successful charter…

Nolte: Fact Checker Calls Out Elizabeth Warren over ‘Public School’ Falsehood

Factcheck.org knocked flailing presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren after the far-left senator lied to a group of school choice activists about her children attending public school. After a November 21 campaign rally in Atlanta, Warren was politely confronted by pro-school choice activists representing the Powerful Parent Network, a group that advocates for school vouchers, charter…

Elizabeth Warren Accused of Lying to School Choice Activist: ‘No, My Children Went to...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is facing backlash for telling a school choice supporter that her children went to public schools, despite the fact that her son attended a private school, the Washington Free Beacon reported. Warren released her education plan in October, which called to eliminate school vouchers, tuition tax credits, and federally funded expansions of charter schools,…

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