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Thursday, August 18, 2022

School Closures Continue Across The US, Often Unrelated To COVID

The school closures which became commonplace during the pandemic are continuing nationwide for reasons not directly related to COVID-19, including teacher burnout and general mental health, multiple outlets reported.More than 20 school districts nationwide took off for mental health days around Thanksgiving, according to Karol Markowicz of the New York Post. Detroit schools closed every…

Parents Upset As Schools Force Kids Nationwide To Undergo Mandatory Quarantines After Nearly Two...

Some parents from Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania told the Daily Caller that their children are forced to undergo mandatory quarantines with no virtual learning options, despite evidence that schools pose few transmission risks. Many parents expressed fatigue over the nearly two years of COVID-19 precautions in schools.Brighton Area Schools, a district in suburban Detroit, is…

All Florida School Districts Defying DeSantis Drop School Mask Mandates

Every school district in Florida that attempted to defy Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) administration and faced subsequent consequences has dropped their mask requirements in schools. After months of battles, every school district defying the administration, including Broward, Alachua Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, have dropped their mandatory masking requirement for students after the Florida Department of Education…

Report: Virginia Teachers Already Need Time Away from Classroom 

Teachers in Richmond, Virginia already need time away from the classroom, according to a local report that said classes will end early on Wednesdays for the next three months. Teachers, who spent months teaching virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic, will use the time for “uninterrupted planning time.” A Norfolk, Virginia news outlet reported on…

Parents Announce ‘Not Domestic Terrorists’ Rally In Front Of The Justice Department

Northern Virginia parents plan to protest in front of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Sunday, according to a flyer posted online.A flyer reveals plans for a “Parents Are Not ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Rally Oct. 17. “Stand up, speak up, fight back!” the memo reads. “Bring friends, be heard … you can make a…

School Superintendent Resigns After Parents Disagree with Critical Race Theory in Curriculum

Clarkstown School District Dr. Martin Cox resigned as superintendent of Clarkstown Central School in Rockland County, New York, following parent concerns over Critical Race Theory being used in curriculum. In a statement, Cox cited “personal reasons” for his resignation, News 12 the Bronx reported Wednesday. The school board voted five to one Tuesday evening in…

Report: Secondary Schools in Afghanistan Open Without Female Students or Teachers

Saturday was the first day of school for secondary aged students in Afghanistan but only boys and male teachers were allowed into the classroom. “All male teachers and students should attend their educational institutions,” a statement from the education ministry said ahead the reopening of schools.  The Hindustan Times reported on the troubling future for…

Exclusive — Rep. Greg Murphy: No Science Behind Mask Mandates for Children

Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC), a physician specializing in urology, told Breitbart News on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “guidance” for masking children to prevent coronavirus transmission is unsupported by scientific analysis or data. The CDC, headed by Dr. Rochelle Wolensky,…

Tuesday Evening Dispatch: Andrew Cuomo Is Out. Meet His Replacement

Varun Hukeri General Assignment & Analysis Reporter August 10, 2021 5:56 PM ET

Florida Officials Issue Rule to Protect Parents Rights, Including Opting Out of Masking at...

As many cities and states around the country revert to masking up in response to Delta variant infections, the departments of health and education in Florida have issued a rule protecting parents’ right to make decisions for their minor children, including allowing them to attend school without wearing a mask. The news was posted on…
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