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Monday, November 18, 2019

With no alternative, NASA spent nearly $4 BILLION to fly astronauts aboard Russian Soyuz...

The Russian-made Soyuz vehicles have since remained the only means of transportation for NASA US space explorers have added up exactly how much money has gone to buy ‘seats’ on Soyuz vehicles, as its partners SpaceX and “overpaid” Boeing failed to meet the deadlines on NASA’s manned spaceflight programs.Over the past two decades, NASA spent…

Amateur Astronomer Discovers Comet Ahead of NASA – Report

Same man previously lead NASA to detect water from alien star system Not content with leading NASA to detect water from an alien star system on board an interstellar visitor, Crimean amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov has discovered another comet.The new comet, traveling at roughly 30km per second in the patch of sky between the Lynx…

First study to combine 3-D climate modeling with chemistry refines which exoplanets are potentially...

In order to search for life in outer space, astronomers first need to know where to look. A new Northwestern University study will help astronomers narrow down the search.The research team is the first to combine 3-D climate modeling with atmospheric chemistry to explore the habitability of planets around M dwarf stars, which comprise about 70% of the total galactic…

Thanksgiving Is Canceled

Because you’re killing the planet Steve Watson | Infowars.com - November 8, 2019 Comments The latest joy killing decree to be issued from the environmental overlords is that Thanksgiving is canceled because your family meal is killing the planet.How is it that some sweet potatoes and a pumpkin pie are destroying the Earth? Well, the…

Video: Chinese Social Credit Score Publicly Shames Bad Citizen For Jaywalking

Skip to content Coming soon to a dystopia near you. A video out of China shows a citizen being publicly shamed and having his photo and ID card flashed up on a big screen for crossing the road on a red light.“Chinese facial recognition system to discourage minor traffic violations. Cross the road when you…

ALIEN WATER from beyond our solar system found on interstellar comet ‘Borisov’

The research suggests that Borisov produces up to 19 kilograms of water per second Water from a completely alien star system has been detected on the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov, which is currently passing through our space neighborhood.In an extraordinary breakthrough, astronomers studying Borisov believe they have detected the tell-tale signs of water on the visiting…

Spacetime tunnels: Scientists reveal how to find wormholes, if they really are out there

Skip to content A wormhole at the centre of our galaxy? Physicists have published a new methodology that will surely delight hardcore science fiction fans: a how-to guide for finding wormholes, a theoretical structure that provides passage between different areas of spacetime.In theory, a wormhole could link together two parts of space at totally different…

Hackers Can Exploit Smart Lights to Spy on You – Study

Simple chips in smart tech allow for easy breach of privacy Hackers can exploit smart lightbulbs to steal your personal information and spy on you, a new study warns.The hack is achieved when bad actors instruct infrared-enabled smart bulbs to send the invisible light to access your personal devices on your home network, according to…

Ozone Hole Shrinks to Smallest Size on Record

The hole in the ozone layer shrank to its smallest size since scientists began recording it, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Monday.The ozone layer hole, which roughly sits above Antarctica, experienced massive retraction in September and October due to “abnormal” weather patters in the upper atmosphere, resulting in its smallest size…

Astronomers Expose Origin, Chemical Makeup of Dunes on Saturn’s Titan

Titan only solar system body besides Earth with solid surface A team led by a University of Hawaii at Manoa chemistry professor and researcher has been able to provide answers to key questions about the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan.Physical chemist Ralf I. Kaiser and fellow researchers examined remote sensing data regarding NASA’s Cassini-Huygens mission…
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