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HOOBER: The Correlation Fallacy, Concealed Carry And SCOTUS

By Sam HooberOne of the most profuse logical fallacies is the correlation fallacy. Just because two things coincide or correlate doesn’t mean they have anything to do with each other, or – we’re probably more used to this phrasing – correlation is not causation or something to that effect. The phrase in Latin is cum…

HOOBER: The SCOTUS Case We’ve Been Waiting For

By Sam HooberIn less than 30 days, the Supreme Court will finally address carrying a firearm outside of the home. If there is one aspect of firearms rights that needed redress by the nation’s highest court, this is it. On Nov. 3, SCOTUS will hear oral arguments in NY State Rifle and Pistol Assoc. V.…

‘It Was About Checking The Government, Not Anti-Blackness’: Black Gun Owners Respond To ACLU’s...

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claimed the Second Amendment has been included in the Constitution because of rampant “anti-blackness” and that the foundation of the amendment is inherently racist. But two black gun owners – including one who exercised his Second Amendment right to save his life – said the ACLU is guilty of…

48 Republicans Say Biden Should Focus On ‘Criminals … Turning America’s Cities Into War...

Forty-eight Republican senators sent a letter Thursday to Attorney General Merrick Garland criticizing a new gun control proposal the Biden Administration has put forward, arguing the administration should be focusing on rising crime rather than law-abiding citizens. “A crime wave is sweeping America,” the group, which includes Sens Pat Toomey, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, Ron…

Judge Reverses California’s Assault Weapons Ban

June 05, 2021 12:28 PM ET A federal judge reversed California’s assault weapons ban because it infringes upon the constitutional right to bear arms, CBSN Bay Area reported. Weapons of war don’t belong on our streets. Parkland: AR-15 Las Vegas: AR-15 Sandy Hook: AR-15 Poway: AR-15 We will fight this ruling. https://t.co/iHsTXrYcu8 — Rob Bonta…

Exclusive–Kobach: The Kansas Legislature Votes to Reduce the Age for Concealed Carry

On Thursday—the very same day that President Biden announced his executive actions to restrict certain firearms—the Kansas legislature took a bold step in the opposite direction.  The Kansas legislature passed a pro-gun rights bill that expands the right to keep and bear arms in multiple ways.  In the morning, the Senate passed HB 2058 by…

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Signs Constitutional Carry Into Law

Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed a bill Thursday allowing permitless gun carry, also known as constitutional carry. “I signed constitutional carry today because it shouldn’t be hard for law-abiding Tennesseans to exercise their #2A rights. Thank you members of the General Assembly and @NRA for helping get this done,” Lee tweeted. I signed constitutional…

EXCLUSIVE: I’ve Been BANNED From Owning A Firearm, A Warning Of What’s To Come...

For years, Big Tech has used me as Patient Zero in their test case in mass de-platforming by eliminating my ability to reach the public because of my political views. Being forced to use alternative social media sites, I know I’ve been a little “offline” since I ran for Congress in President Trump’s home district,…

There Were No Second Amendment Questions In Any Of The Presidential Debates

October 22, 2020 11:33 PM ET There were no questions about the Second Amendment in the 2020 presidential debates or the vice presidential debate, despite record gun sales in the U.S. The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Sept. 29 did not mention gun rights, and the second…

California Sees Spike In Gun Ownership Amid Increase In Violence, Study Shows

California has seen a surge in gun ownership since the coronavirus pandemic began as concerns about the recent spike in violence intensified, a new study shows. Since the pandemic began, California has seen roughly 47,000 new gun owners, while an estimated 110,000 people acquired a firearm, according to a study conducted by researchers at the…

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