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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Five Places That Should Boom From The Coming COVID Migration

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, Today’s the day. Across the Land of the Free, and much of the world, local governments are finally starting to allow businesses to re-open and employees to come back to the office. Offices in New York City opened this morning for the first time in months, after Comrade Mayor…

Kyle Bass: All Eyes Should Be On Hong Kong

Authored by Kyle Bass, op-ed via NewsWeek.com, In international politics, few things are certain during these uncertain times. But I can predict one: the relationship between America and Hong Kong is in the throes of major change. On May 22, China's leaders will convene for their annual People's Congress, during which they will discuss the…

Ron Paul: People “Should Be Leery About” A COVID-19 Vaccine

Authored by Adam Dick via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Ron Paul, in a Monday interview with host Dan Dicks at Press for Truth, warns that people “should be leery about” coronavirus vaccines that may come out. Further, says Paul, a doctor and former United States House of Representatives member, “right now…

Japanese VP: The WHO Should Be Renamed The “Chinese Health Organization”

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, The deputy prime minister of Japan says that the WHO should be renamed the ‘Chinese Health Organization’ for its role in helping Beijing cover-up the severity of the coronavirus outbreak. Referring to a petition which now has almost 700,000 signatures calling on WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom to resign, Taro…

Some Questions That Should Be Asked At Tonight’s Democratic Presidential Debate

Authored by Fred Eckert via The Epoch Times, Very often - not always, but usually - news media moderators of presidential debates aggressively go at Republicans but are prone to lob softball questions at Democrats. It’s as if they pitch to strike out Republicans but try to make it easy for Democrats to hit it…

“This Should Be Disqualifying For Biden”: More Damning Footage Resurfaces

Yet another video of Democratic primary front runner Joe Biden passionately defending the 2003 Iraq invasion and occupation has resurfaced and is going viral. In it he even sings George W. Bush's praises at a moment which came a mere few months after the now infamous "Mission Accomplished" stunt aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln.  This…

Mueller Should Be Arrested For Conspiracy To Overthrow POTUS; PCR

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, The Mueller report, which had no choice as there was no evidence, but to clear Donald Trump of conspiring with Russian President Putin to steal the last US presidential election from Hillary Clinton, nevertheless managed to keep an aspect of the manufactured hoax known as “Russiagate” alive by indicting some…
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