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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Venezuela’s Indigenous Leader: Maduro Not Counting Our Coronavirus Deaths

The head of the Venezuelan National Assembly’s indigenous people’s committee asserted on Tuesday that the socialist regime of dictator Nicolás Maduro had left indigenous Venezuelans in “total abandon,” with no resources to fight the Chinese coronavirus. Gladys Guaipo, the president of the Permanent Commission of Indigenous Peoples at the federal lawmaking body, also accused the…

Americans Persevere amid Coronavirus Crisis Despite Left’s Efforts to Remake America

For weeks, the American people have faced daily orders, graphs, tables, news stories, and press conferences detailing the coronavirus’s devastating impact on the country, from thousands of deaths to a 21-trillion-dollar economy brought to its knees. It seems hard to believe that just a few months ago, the world watched a Swedish teen sail across…

Congress fiddles while citizens die in Democrat partisanship [Video]

I guess this is taking “don’t panic!” to its ultimate end. In a severely distasteful move, Congressional Democrat members tried to attach irrelevant riders to the latest coronavirus relief bill, apparently making use of Rahm Emmanuel’s philosophy, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” As a result the bill is presently deadlocked in Congress,…

Orthodox Christianity vs. Socialism, Part V: Why are there “Christian socialists?”

Despite the facts we are outlining in this Christianity versus Socialism series, we are faced with the fact that there are a great many people – even Orthodox Christians – who ascribe to a philosophical point of view that is not Christianity at all, but socialism. Telltale signs of this include the belief in the…

Orthodox Christianity versus Socialism, Part IV: Socialism endorses stealing

We return to our series on Orthodox Christianity versus Socialism with a look back at the three previous Articles. In our first installment we examined the basic matter of materialism (not to be punny), noting that Socialism is completely different in its worldview, treating matter itself as the only creative energy or force, and emphasizing…

Orthodox Christianity versus Socialism, Part III – The history of conflict

In this section of our Orthodox Christianity versus Socialism series, we examine the historical nature of the conflict between these two religions – a conflict that is recent, and yet ignored by even some of the people that experienced it directly. And, yes, I called socialism a religion here. There is good reason to call…

New York Post Journalist Censored on Twitter for Exposing Champagne Socialist Carlos Maza

New York Post journalist Jon Levine was locked out of his Twitter account earlier today and forced to delete several tweets in connection to his article exposing the ultra-wealthy background of socialist YouTuber Carlos Maza. Twitter first locked Levine out of his account this morning, but after inquiries from the journalist and his followers, the platform…

Burgess Owens: Sanders, Biden Have No ‘Common Sense or Desire to Love Our Nation’

Super Bowl champion, businessman, and Utah Fourth Congressional District Republican candidate Burgess Owens joined Breitbart News Saturday, where he discussed the remaining Democrat presidential candidates and President Donald Trump’s commitment to all Americans. “We have a choice now between a full-fledged communist and a socialist Marxist,” Owens told host Matthew Boyle in regards to Democrat presidential candidates…

Orthodox Christianity versus Socialism, Part II – Socialism Punishes Virtue

In Part I of this series, we began analyzing the incompatibility between Socialism and Orthodox Christianity. This has become something worthy of study, especially recently in the United States as the rise of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders has drawn more and more public and voter attention. Statistics show that a great number of “millenials”, those…

Orthodox Christianity versus Socialism, Part I – all about stuff

In a newsfeed I receive from Ayatollah Khameini, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I saw this interesting post. It would appear that the Ayatollah likes socialism. He presumed, amazingly, to offer some advice to Americans about their capitalist government: I guess the Grand Ayatollah is… a Bernie Sanders supporter? This should…

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