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Sunday, February 28, 2021

National Parents Coalition: Revisionist History in Public Schools Has Led to Socialist Uprising in...

A national parents’ coalition that rose out of the uprising against the Common Core standards asserts the decades-long indoctrination of U.S. students in revisionist history has led to the current battle over the presidential election. “The battle over who will be president continues,” US Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) said in comments to Breitbart News. “One…

The Grand New Party: Here’s What’s In Store For The Republican Party Without Trump...

Given the likely defeat of President Donald Trump, a functionally headless Republican Party is destined for a period of reflection. Trump himself, for all his rudeness and often unnecessary, divisive rhetoric, has transformed the Republican Party from being a bastion of the establishment to a voice for America’s working and middle class. In the aftermath…

Franklin Graham: ‘Our Nation Is Under Attack from Within’

As he honored the nation’s veterans Wednesday, Rev. Franklin Graham observed that America “is under attack – attack from within.” “Today we honor all of our military veterans who have served to defend the freedoms of this nation, and the blood that has been shed for us and for future generations,” the Christian evangelist said…

Thousands Protest Against Socialism in Argentina

Anti-socialist demonstrations took place across Argentina this weekend against the administration of socialist President Alberto Fernández, whose management has led to a severe economic crisis. The largest protest took place in Buenos Aires, where thousands of people surrounded the obelisk in the central square shouting “freedom, justice, and the constitution.” Drivers honked their horns in…

Marco Rubio to Trump Rally: ‘Not All Democrats Are Socialists, But All Socialists Are...

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) delivered a rousing address to tens of thousands of Trump supporters on Sunday night at an airport rally for the president in Opa-Locka, Florida. Rubio, once a fierce rival for the Republican nomination in 2016, pumped up the crowd for Trump, stressing a common American identity. “I don’t know what they’re…

‘I Will Not Cower’: PA Candidate Sean Parnell Reports Home Vandalized with Communist Imagery

Pennsylvania U.S. House candidate Sean Parnell (R) condemned political violence and vowed not to back down after his home was vandalized with an apparent Communist symbol over the weekend. On Sunday morning, Parnell posted a photo of his garage door defaced with the words, “Elections No Revolutions Yes!” plus a hammer and sickle symbol spray-painted…

Hot Mic moment catches more likely Democrat Ticket alignment [Video]

Poor Joe Biden does not even get top billing among his own supporters when they have their own conversations. by Seraphim Hanisch October 21, 2020 129 Views There are many directions to go with this little story of a hot mic moment no Democrat Party leader wants out in the open. Ours is about word…

WATCH– ‘Guillotines Motherf*ck*r’: Colorado Dem Operative Reveals Violent Agenda Should Trump Win

Project Veritas has released video of a Colorado Democrat operative and “prominent member” of a radical leftist organization, revealing the violent and potentially murderous plans of the militant left should President Trump win a second term in office. Kris Jacks, a trainer and mentor at Our Revolution protests and a member of the executive committee…

Fact Check: Joe Biden Said Trump Did ‘Nothing to Help Small Businesses’ During Pandemic

CLAIM: Joe Biden said during the first presidential debate in Cleveland Tuesday night that President Donald Trump has done “nothing to help small businesses” during the coronavirus pandemic. VERDICT: FALSE. Trump’s “centerpiece” of his coronavirus relief effort was the Paycheck Protection Program. Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN), said in a…

Reviving The Conservative Heart Of Organized Labor

It is no coincidence that what finally broke the Soviet Union was a Catholic trade union — a group of shipyard workers, led by an electrician and motivated by a faith that their oppressors deemed an opiate. Christianity and its sweeping social vision enlivened the workers in Gdansk and their entire nation and, a decade…

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