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Thursday, August 18, 2022

US Set For Epic Labor Market Experiment: Red States Vs Blue States

According to JPMorgan's Daniel Silver, as of this moment some 23 - all republican - states have announced at least some form of early reduction in pandemic-related unemployment insurance benefits ahead of the September expiration at the federal level. These programs, he suggests, are likely limiting labor supply, generating a potential economic argument for ending…

Annual Rich States, Poor States Report: Winners, Losers Fall Along Red State/Blue State Divide

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) released on Wednesday its 14th annual Rich States, Poor States report, which reveals once again states with the lowest taxes, fewer regulations, and more worker freedom offer a better standard of living for those who reside there. The three authors of the study — Jonathan Williams, Arthur B. Laffer,…

States Urge Facebook To Abandon Plan For Children’s Instagram

Authored by Janita Kan via The Epoch Times,A bipartisan coalition of attorneys general is urging Facebook to abandon its plans to create a platform for children under the age of 13.The attorneys general sent a letter to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg arguing that the use of social media can be detrimental to children and that the company…

US States Close Mass Vaccination Centers Due To Falling Demand

As we noted a few weeks ago, America has smashed President Biden's revised target of 200M COVID-19 jabs in arms by the end of his first 100 days in office while moving up his target for having the entire adult population vaccinated.  According to data from the CDC, the US has easily surpassed 200M jabs-in-arms.…

The Highest Covid-Infection-Rate States

Eric Zuesse Rates shown are cases per million inhabitants on 31 October 2020 State, # (2016 Presidential winner) —— 1. North Dakota, 57,628 (Trump) 2. South Dakota, 50,369 (Trump) 3. Mississippi, 40,374 (Trump) 4. Iowa, 40,366 (Trump) 5. Alabama, 39,216 (Trump) 6. Louisiana, 39,208 (Trump) 7. Tennessee, 37,997 (Trump) 8. Wisconsin, 37,801 (Trump) 9. Florida,…

All 8 of America’s Worst-Hit Coronavirus States Are Now in the South.

Eric Zuesse Ten of the 11 worst-hit covid states are in the south, mainly in the southeast — Old Dixie. The only non-southern state that’s among the worst-hit 11 states is Iowa, which has the 9th-worst infection-rate. All of the 11 worst-hit states voted for Trump in 2016. The data-source used here is the most-comprehensive…

The Best And Worst States For Homeschool Freedom

Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man Pennsylvania is among the most restrictive states when it comes to the freedom to homeschool your children. The state requires that parents teach their children state-mandated subjects for 180 days per year, for at least 900 hours. Tests must be administered, and the district must assess the child…

Here Are The States Where The End Of $600 Unemployment Checks Will Hurt The...

Tens of millions of Americans are dealing with a pandemic shock of job loss, no savings, insurmountable debts, a potential rent eviction wave, hunger crisis, and a fiscal cliff where federal government lifelines of Washington stimulus checks are set to expire on Friday.  A perfect storm of depression is swirling above households where the virus-induced downturn has easily set them back…

Sun Belt States Choose “Third Path” To Confront COVID-19 Without Destroying Economy

In a research note published yesterday, a team of Goldman Sachs analysts spotted an ominous potential inflection point for the struggling US labor market: If the nascent 'recovery' achieved over the last 2 months loses steam as states reverse their plans to reopen the economy, it could do lasting harm to the labor market, as…

Goldman: States Containing 80% Of The US Population Have Paused Or Taken Steps To...

Goldman writes: Reopening is on hold in most of the US, as states containing about 80% of the population have explicitly paused or taken targeted steps to reverse reopening. Over the past several days, Washington has placed its reopening on hold, and Pennsylvania has now ordered bars and nightclubs closed and imposed occupancy limits on…
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